Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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5 things

5 things I was doing 5 years ago:
1. Being pregnant with Keira
2. Doing Daycare in my house
3. Going to San Diego
4. Having Jared finish his degree
5. Can't think of a 5th

5 things on my to-do list for TODAY
1. Take Nyah to school
2. Make some phone calls
3. Bay Bills
4. Take Nyah to gymnastics
5. Get my hair cut

5 things I would do with a million dollars
1. Go on vacation
2. Pay off all our debt
3. Build my dream home
4. Set up some good investments
5. Live on interest

5 places I've lived
1. Afton, Wyoming
2. Sandy, Ut
3. West Jordan, Ut
4. Midvale, Ut
5. Draper, Ut

5 jobs I've held
1. Babysitter
2. Hotel Maid
3. Bank Teller
4. Daycare Provider
5. Mom

5 things I want to be doing in 5 years
1. Be done having kids
2. Have Jared be officially a CPA
3. Be a SAHM
4. Be better off financially than we are now
5. Looking into going back to school

5 people I tag
1. Becky
2. Nichole
3. Hessie Jessie
4. Karrianne
5. Amy

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ode to Cheesecake Factory!!

Okay, so one of our friends, Nichole came into town for a wedding, so we decided to have a girls night out. They decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory, I was game, seeing as I had never been before and have always wanted to go. Okay so it was sooo YUMMY!! It's no wonder it takes forever to get in. The menu to start has TONS of stuff in there I couldn't decide where to even start looking for a dish. Becky and I ended up splitting a pasta dish, which was so good. Then came time for the cheesecake MMMM. They had so many to choose from and I was full from the bread they give you beforehand and my meal, but you can't go to Cheesecake Factory and not get Cheesecake, right? I chose this chocolate peanut butter one that I can guarantee added a few extra pounds on me by itself, I couldn't even finish it. It was so well worth going, my mouth is watering just talking about it and I am full right now ( I must be crazy ha ha). So, if you get a chance, try this place it is very good. It was also, way fun to have a girls night out, I love those, it's nice to feel like a woman and not a tired mommy for once. It was fun to see Nichole again, we even got to see her kids for a minute, we miss having you guys close by.


So we decided to have a New Years Party for 2009, we meaning I, Jared just went along for the ride as usual ha ha. I had some help planning the thing from friends which was so nice. Our friend Gus made the invites which turned out AWESOME, then my friend Becky and I delivered them to everyone, we told everyone to bring appetizers and desserts and we ended up with a good variety of food which was perfect, it was all so yummy. Our friend Jenn brought the sparkling cider which I think doesn't go well for me, it made me very hyper probably the sugar rush.

Anyway, I followed Jared's dutch family tradition of making Croquettes, which look nasty put are pretty good I think. So I had never made them before so I was curious to see how they turned out. They actually turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, not bad for a first timer. So we had decided to have two "New Years" one at 10 for the early birds and one at midnight, so at 10 we whipped out the cider and that's what started the craziness for me anyway. Look at our friends in the background looking at us like we are crazy ha ha.

Here is the fun girls making funny faces of course.

Here is the guys not quite so hyped up

We did Karaoke. We got Jared and Gus to sing "Love Shack" Jared really got into it, it was hilarious. Good job babe.

The girls really enjoyed the karaoke (tone deaf and all), we sang so much that my voice was going out towards the end.

Meanwhile the kids played all over the place here they are climbing on the bunk beds in the girls room, where we had movies playing for them to watch. We also had craft tables set up for them to do.

We also got to play WII some of the older kids (men included) really had fun with that.

Here I am with my man and my cute New Years hat

Midnight came and look who made it all the way ya, all the kids (well, minus the babies, they where asleep in the pack-n-plays upstairs), the kids may have made it to midnight but I am not quite sure how awake they really were look at all their faces.

Waiting for the countdown!

We had a very fun New Years hanging out with friends. We may have to do that again. Now we are trying to get into the hang of this year, coming up with New Years Resolutions (ya, I am that person that makes resolutions). I am still kind of recovering though, I just had to watch my moms daycare for 10 days while she was in Hawaii, by the end it gave me a headache for 5 days straight and I feel like I have jet lag even though I was not on any plane, it was so exhausting. We shall get there though, we look forward to a fun filled year, this year, it will be interesting to see what it brings.