Sunday, March 23, 2008


We had a wonderful easter! We got to color easter eggs,
We had an easter egg hunt which they thought was great.
They easter bunny showed up,
and mom attempted photography and took TONS of pictures of the girls in their new easter dresses that grandma got for them, here was a few of my favorites pictures I took but of course there was tons more.

Keira (the hardest one to get pictures of at the moment)
& Nyah our little poser who loves getting pictures taken, we have others of her looking at the camera and smiling, I just liked this one a lot. Now I just need to do some editing on my computer.
So our easter was fun the easter bunny brought the Nyah and Keira each a kite and a jump rope and then Jayda got some teething rings and binkies and they all got the movie "Enchanted" then of course there is the candy, except Jayda who got fruits and veggies and juice, (she is almost 6 months so here come the solids). They loved it and Nyah told us that the she thought the easter bunny was "quite tricky" I don't know exactly what she was referring to but it was funny. Keira is the funniest at attempting to jump rope, she just flips the rope up and down while jumping up and down it is so funny. Jayda tried eating her easter basket of course. We ate easter dinner at my parents tonight with turkey and potatoes, a salad and some yummy bread and a pink cake for dessert which was pretty good. So, I hope everyone had a wonderful easter.

Disney On Ice

So We took the girls to Disney on Ice a week ago and they really enjoyed it. It was "princess wishes", they did 7 different princess stories and at the end Nyah asked me "isn't Rapanzel a princess?" I was thinking really Nyah 7 princess' wasn't enough for you. She absolutely loved the whole thing and now dances around our kitchen like she is skating.
Notice Keira picking her nose in the above picture!
Keira liked "tinker-bell" and "minnie & Mickey" and she liked it but the last half of it she was bored and laying on the floor and sitting in the stair well.
All in all we had a good time and the girls loved every minute of it. Jayda liked the lights she just sat and stared with big eyes.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet sat on a Tuffet, eating her curds and whey

Along came a spider, who sat down beside her

And frightened Miss Muffet away

On Monday, Nyah's class had nursery rhyme day. They all got to dress up as nursery rhyme characters and Nyah wanted to be Miss Muffet, so this is her costume, she was so excited to wear her last years easter dress to school. I helped out at the school that day and they all looked so cute their teacher was "Mother Goose" and they all got to act out their nursery rhyme. They had; Little Jack Horner, Old King Cole, Humpety Dumpety, Mary had a little lamb, Little Bo Peep, Mary, Mary quite contrary. They all looked so cute.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Potty Training NIGHTMARE!

Okay so I mentioned in my other post about potty training Keira was a post all by itself so I thought I would talk about that. Okay so since she is now 3 1/2 years old I thought that it was time to try and potty train her. I thought I would try the "Dr. Phil" method of "Potty Training in 1 day" not actually thinking she would really be potty trained in 1 day but hoping she would at least go to the potty once through out the day. Anyway the day went something like this: I offered her all types of salty snacks so she would be more thirsty and I let her cart around a sippy cup of juice as well. I had pictures for her to color about potty training and we had stories to read about potty training. We called it "Potty Day" we even shipped out Nyah for the day so I could spend more time with just Keira, of course Jayda had to be there to eat. I also had starbursts and M&M's for her which she calls "yummy's" and "M's." We had a potty training doll to have her teach to go potty. The first time we had the doll go potty we threw the doll a party and then I asked her if she wanted to go potty so she sat on the potty and my thought was "well, so far so good" she didn't go so I thought I would try again in a little bit. I ran upstairs to get some water for the potty doll and when I came back down she had peed on the floor. We cleaned her up and later we where trying for the 2nd time and she sat on the potty and then got angry, throwing her potty chair at me and said "I done." So I got her down and the second we walked out of their she peed on the floor again. I was thinking at this point "little bugger." So by the end of the day she had peed on the floor 5 times and in the potty 0 times. I went and bought her a little potty seat, thinking that maybe if it's in the same room as her she would be more prone to go. So day 2, she sat on her seat which she loved and she didn't go which was fine she liked sitting there so that was good. Later she was playing on her seat and it had been like 2 hours since she had gone pee so I thought maybe if I turn a movie on and she sits there she will forget and just go. I was thinking that if she went just once she would like it and go. So the movie gets over and nothing so I thought okay one more couldn't hurt so we did one more movie and at the end still nothing, at that point it had been like 4 hours since she had gone pee so I did not want to let her get up cause I knew she had to go. I carried her on her potty seat to the bathroom, I turned on the water and tried tickling her bladder to see if she would go and she still wouldn't. Then it was time for lunch so she ate lunch on her potty seat, thus the picture that is her potty seat she is sitting on while eating lunch. I knew she had to go but her stubborness was coming out. After lunch I took her back down stairs, and now it's been like 5 hours since she had gone, I looked at her and her eyes where glazed over and she was running a fever so I wasn't gonna do potty training while she was sick so I let her put her diaper back on since she was sick and of course the second it was on she peed. Okay so then I read on the internet about potty training stubborn children (her all the way). So I did what it said which was to not ask her to go potty to let her decide when it was time to go all by herself so I did that and all she did was pee all over the floor and once she pooped on my moms floor. So this was over the span of a week and at that point I was at a loss I don't know what I am going to do with her. We put her back in diapers now and maybe we will try again in a few months. She is so stinking stubborn I can't believe her. She is the power struggle queen. So there ya have it the trauma of potty training the stubborn lol.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Here We Go

So thanks to some friends I decided to try this out. I hear it can be addicting. I have enjoyed reading everyone else's. Hopefully you will all enjoy our boring day to day life. The life of a princess, a diva, and an angel. Well, lets be honest it's a lot of screaming, I will go deaf at an early age I swear. It is lots of fun to go shopping (by myself lol), I love to go straight to the girls section and start browsing. So any of you who where wondering our princess is Nyah, she is a new princess each year, ya a whole year she devotes to whatever princess she chooses of course it has to be Disney, we are currently in a transition, cause you see last year it was "Sleeping Beauty", then the year before that she was "Belle" so this year I think she is still deciding, she mentioned something about Jasmine but we shall see. Now the diva would be Keira she has got the diva act down pat. She is so unpredictable we honestly never know what her reaction is going to be to anything she always surprises us. For her first dance recital she refused to dance with the group, she sat on grandma's lap, I just took pictures of the other girls dancing because I am so documenting these diva fits so she knows when she is older that she is a diva. I won't even mention the whole potty training ordeal that is a whole post by itself. Now of course that would leave the angel to Jayda. She is probably our sweetest baby, she LOVES to be held and cuddled and talked to. She is a little picky about who holds her and is totally a mommy's girl. I love to hold her and just enjoy her, I love the baby smell I missed that smell. So that is our little world full of pink, princess', frills, and shrills.