Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Nyah!

This year Nyah turned 10.
We decided to let her have her first big sleep over.
I remember having sleep overs when I was younger.
I asked her what kind of theme she wanted for her party.
She wanted arts and crafts at her party.
figured with that theme I would do rainbow colors.
With the help of pinterest, I think things turned out pretty cute.

Next was on to how many kids to invite.  
Nyah came to me with a list of 30 kids!
Yes, that’s right 30 girls.
I, in NO WAY wanted that many girls at our house.
First thing was first, we had to narrow down the list.
We narrowed it down to 17.
Ya, thats still quite a number of girls.
Her cake turned out pretty awesome.
It was 6 layers.
All the colors of the rainbow.
Not to mention, delicious!
I was proud of it.

We got to do arts and crafts.
There was  A LOT of little girls there.
We made wooden houses with scrapbook paper.
We made friendship bracelets.
We painted figurines.
It was crazy.
A lot of fun though.

THEN, there was the face painting.
Nyah really wanted face painting.
It got a little out of hand.
Thats what I get for turning 9-10 year olds loose with paints.

The sleep over part was pretty easy going.
There was playing and movies.
They weren’t to loud.
A success.

she got everything she wanted for her birthday.
There was jewelry.
A scooter.
A soccer ball.
A new book.
Not to mention some arts and crafts of course.
I think she had a great time.

End of School

We have been singing that line around our house this week.
We are so going to enjoy this summer.
The girls had a great time the last few days of school.
Jayda got to have a luau.
She was so cute about it.
When she got home.
She showed me how to do the luau.
Her teacher “Miss Hilary” was so great with her.
She actually gets to have her again next year.

Nyah and Keira had a fantastic week.
Nyah in particular.
We had our Fun Run.
Nyah earned a lot of money.
She earned the most money in the whole school.
I was so proud of her.
She worked really hard to earn all that money.
She got to be the first to choose a prize.
We had a real American Girl Doll.
That is what she chose.
She has wanted one for a long time.
She loves that thing.
The day of the run came.
Both my girls ended up getting to dunk their teachers in the dunk tank.
For the run the K-2nd graders all run a mile.
All the rest of the kids actually do a 5K.
I think it’s a great funraiser.
It promotes healthy habits.
At the end of their run, they got to enjoy some treats.
Bagels, fruit bars, and bananas.
The fire department was there.
They sprayed them all down.
That always goes over great.
The kids love it.
We had a great time.
It was a splendid way to end the school year.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

"The Suitor" Starring Nyah and Keira

The girls got involved in a play this year.
It was put on by Keira’s Kindergarten teacher from last year.
I was very hesitant about putting Keira in this.
Her teacher assured me it would be just fine.
Nyah absolutely loved the play and really thrived being in it.
Nyah ended up getting one of the biggest parts.
She had to memorize a lot of lines.
Her part in the play was an angel influence.
Her characters name was Anela.
They gave Keira a speaking part.
This really made me nervous.
It was just one line.
Her characters name was Janna.
We had her trained like a robot.
Anytime, anyone would say the line that came before Keira’s,
She would automatically say her line.
It was pretty funny.

The night of the production came.
You know how when you go to a performance with kids.
There is always that ONE kid that everyone is laughing at?
Well, that would be Keira.
She got bored during the show.
She started to entertain herself.
The longer the show went on, the worse or funnier she got.
Afterwards perfect strangers were talking about how funny she was.
She asked us why we were laughing at her.
That’s what makes it funnier.
She doesn’t realize the attention she draws to herself.
She had a stuffed animal and she would fly it around the stage.
During singing numbers she would frolic across the stage.
She played with the microphone in the floor.
It made a loud noise.
It scared her.
The WHOLE audience laughed.
She stuck the stuffed animal down her shirt.
She danced with it in her shirt.
I was laughing so hard I was crying.
She definitely dances to the beat of her own drummer!
Nyah on the other hand, did AWESOME!!
That kid is a natural.
She was scared that she would mess up.
She always stayed in character.
In my personal opinion she did the best with her character.
Of course, I am biased
I really LOVED watching her do something she does so well at.
Something she loves to do.
She wants to do it again in the fall.
I am all for it.
I think we will have Keira sit this one out.
Can’t have her stealingthe show every time.
It was so much fun watching their play.
Some of their teachers from school even came to watch it.
We got them both flowers for their performances.

PS There is more blog posts to come about the girls end of school and Nyah's birthday so stay tuned...