Thursday, April 17, 2008

Las Vegas Vacation

Okay so there is pictures at the beginning and at the end of this post with what we did in the middle, oh and it goes backwards from what we did, so the first pictures you will see are from our last night there up to the first day.

At the buffet, I love the look on Addy's face it's so funny and of course Nyah won't stop from eating her icecream.

Here is Aisia with Keira, my nieces crack me up.

Here is Jer and me at the Buffet

Here is Ryan and Kelly at the buffet

We couldn't resist having a picture with the Cocoa-Cola bear
All the kids playing in the pool on Monday
Kell, Jayda, and I lounging by the pool, watching the kids play
I think she likes this water

Keira I think died and went to heaven when we walked into this room full of "M's" she wouldn't stop looking at them and touching them, her and her sugar addiction.
Jared liked this Elvis we saw whilst walking to the M&M factory
Keira kept looking into the M&M's mouth like she was looking for the person inside this costume it was so funny
Me, Ny, and Jayda with all the "M's"

So we had a BLAST on our trip to Las Vegas. We got there Friday night around 8 their time. We just hung out and visited the first night. We of course stayed up late and the kids where so excited to see each other. They have 2 girls, Aisia who is 9 and Addy who is 6 and my girls LOVE them. So the next day we got up went to Lake Mead for two days, the guys camped out there overnight with the girls, me and my sister-in-law, Kelly came back to sleep in the house. I totally would have camped out to but with Jayda I figured it would be too hard to get her to sleep and then the whole heating up bottles thing. So we slept at their house and met them back at the lake the next morning. So we had so much fun at Lake Mead, it was too cold to go swimming in my opinion, well the Lake was cold, the weather was PERFECT! It was in the low 80's the whole time we where there. We loved soaking up the sun and totally needed it. We found this perfect little cove with a beach where we camped, the kids loved playing in the sand and the water. We roasted hotdogs and had smores the first night which was fun. We did more boating around the second day where we saw the Hoover Dam which was neat, I have never seen it so I was excited to see it for the first time. We where all so tired when we got home that night, we just had some Pizza and watched a movie. The next day we took the kids down to the strip to see the M&M factory since they had never seen it. We usually don't even go down there when we visit Las Vegas which is just fine with me but this time we decided to for a few hours while my nieces were school. We saw the Lion exhibit at the MGM Grand which the kids liked and they LOVED all the M&M's which where super expensive, they where like $10 a pound so we didn't get any of those, we figured we had eaten enough junk food that weekend anyway. After we got back my nieces were home from school, so we decided to let the kids go swimming in their pool, they all had a blast, while the adults just soaked up the rays lounging around the pool. I love their pool to it's really neat looking with a waterfall. That night we figured we can't go to Vegas without hitting a buffet. We went to our typical buffet at Green Valley Ranch which is local casino in Henderson where they all live. It was yummy as usual. We came home and went to bed, the next day we were just getting all packed and ready to go. My sister-in-law was getting rid of a TON of stuff so she gave me a TON of clothes, shoes and even some shoes for Keira we could not fit anything else in our car even if we tried. I love when she hooks us up with clothes so I wont have to buy any, any time soon. So we drove back home on Tuesday, the drive wasn't too bad but I hated watching the tempeture gage in our car get lower and lower the further we drove. So we loved our vacation and are now hating the cold tempetures of Utah. We need to go on vacation more often, as I really enjoy it. Okay so the rest is just as promised tons of picts from our trip, I took more but of course just picked a few.

Kelly, Ryan, Me, and Jared on the boat at Lake Mead
After 2 days at Lake Mead the girls were very tired and layed down to watch a movie
Here we are looking at the Lions at the MGM Grand
In front of the New York New York

Roasting Hot dogs
Aisia, driving the boat
I thought this picture was funny of the girls, look at their hair flying
me and Nyah in front of the Hoover Dam

The girls loved playing on the tubes and then Jared would stand on shore with a rope and run to pull them in and they loved it. Why we didn't just pull them behind the boat I don't know.
Nyah and her favorite cousin Addy, they are inseprable whenever we get together with them
So I LOVE this picture, do you notice the my baby's freakishly large foot on the left. . . ya it's Keira's who is sitting next to her, I thought it was funny.
No boating trip would be complete without Keira's "Yummy's" that is the term she has reserved for Starburst's, she loves them and whenever we go boating with my parents they always have Starbursts so when Ryan and Kelly had them to she was so excited.

They even have to have the same swimsuits
Here is their boat, it is really nice and very roomy
Me and Kelly
Jared and his bro

Nyah was our sand castle builder, well she played in the sand a lot, I don't know if she ever did build any sand castle though.
Keira loved the water and would always go in backwards and not very far.
Our little sun bather, complete with her umbrella to keep her in the shade.
she didn't like this water very much, i'm telling you it was cold.
This says it all, it cracks me up

Thursday, April 3, 2008

And We Are Off. . .

We are going to Las Vegas this weekednd to visit Jared's brother and family. We are leaving tomorow and I am so EXCITED! We have not even left the Salt Lake valley since June of last year! So, we will be back Tuesday night.

Keira's New Bestfriend

So, my cousin has been up this week because she has kidney stones and is having surgery. She is staying with my aunt (her mother). She has 3 kids, the oldest has school and therefor had to stay home in Wyoming. She brought her 2 youngest, one is only 8 months and the other is 4 1/2. So the night before her surgery they brought the 4 1/2 yr old, Jack over to spend the night and the next day for her surgery. We have been around her kids plenty of times but this time it was so funny cause Keira and Jack played a ton together. In the morning I went downstairs and I saw him doing Keira's hair like a cosmotologist, he put on lipstick and everything, they then went on to ride the rocking horse. After he left that day Keira went around asking "where did Jack go?"


So, Nyah has been asking to get her hair cut for a while now. On Monday we went and got it cut. I think it turned out pretty cute, she really likes it especially becuase now it's so much easier to comb her hair and there is far less tangles. So, anyway the next day we caught Keira attempting to cut her hair so I thought hey, why not and we took Keira in and got hers cut as well. I really like them both and think they are cute, it's fun to have something different.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well, we officially stopped nursing Jayda and started giving her formula. It wasn't my choice really. We took her in for her 6 month check-up and at 4 months she weighed 14 lbs which is the 60th% and now at 6 months she weighed in at 12 lbs 15 oz which is the 15th%. I was worried about her weight because she felt so tiny to me but I didn't think she would have actually lost weight. Her pediatrician told me to supplement with formula and gave us a bunch of samples. The way he wanted us to supplement is to nurse her and then right after offer her the formula to see is she was still hungry. She would drink 4 oz of formula right after I would nurse her which I figured was not a good sign. So we had to take her back to the Dr. today for a weight check cause if she didn't gain weight in the last week then they figured it could be something else and would have to run some tests. Today she weighed in at 14 lbs 4 oz so she has done really well on the formula, the Dr. was just hoping for like a half a pound gain in the week but she gained 1 1/2 lbs!

I hated having to stop nursing, I mean really I am 3 for 3, Nyah wouldn't nurse after 6 months and would bite me every time I tried nursing her, she even drew blood a few times. So, we switched her to formula and she really liked it. Keira, I could tell my milk was running low because she would cry after I was done feeding her like it wasn't enough so we switched her at 3 months. So, I guess at least I lasted 6 months with her but it's still hard for me. I wonder if maybe I didn't eat enough and that I was practically starving my poor child. The plus side is, now I don't have to worry about her getting hungry when being watched by someone else, I can get out of the house by myself, go on date nights by ourselves, go to the temple, go grocery shopping without her so it will be nice but still hard for me to stop. I really enjoyed it but I figure at least I know this is a common trend for me so for future children I will plan on formula feeding after so many months so we can stock up on it.

It's been good for her though, besides the weight gain, she is a completely different child, she was always pretty content but she was my most fussy baby and now she is so much happier, I guess I would be to if I went from a constant empty stomach to a full stomach. So here's to more expensive grocery bills but more freedom and a much happier and healthier child.