Wednesday, August 19, 2009


How did I get old enough for another 5 year old? She is officially 5 today it is the "Hannah Montana birthday cake" day! Any of you who know Keira personally have heard about "Hannah Montana cake" for at least 6 months now, she has been talking about it non stop. You can ask her questions an no matter what the conversation goes something like this;

mom; "Keira, how old are you?"

Keira; "4"

Mom: "and how old will you be on your next birthday?"

Keira: "Hannah Montana cake?"

it is the funniest thing, and now after the long wait the day has finally arrived and she is thrilled and we are not aloud to talk about any other birthday she will yell at you and say "no, it's Keira's birthday!"

We love this kid she is so creative and so funny. We never know what she will say, she is very unpredictable that way. She is also very random and will randomly tell you things that you are left wondering "how do you even remember that" like the other week we went to my mom's for dinner and uncle Blake was there in jeans and a t-shirt and she looked at him and said "bwake, why you wearing pajamas?" we at first were all like "what?" and then my brother remembered that the t-shirt he had on was a shirt that my mom had got him for Christmas last year to go with a pair of pajama pants and that is the only time she has seen the shirt, how she remembered it I will never know. She is also extremely honest and sure of herself, if she does something that will surely get her in trouble and you ask her about it goes something like this;

mom; "Keira, Paige is crying did you hit her?"

Keira; "yep!"

she will tell you exactly what she did in a tone that says "I did, it and if I had the chance I would do it again." It throws people off if they are not used to it, it is funny to see their reactions to her doing this. She has started preschool this year as you can see from a previous post, she still loves it so that is good. She is growing so much and is so much fun to be around. She has a love/hate relationship with anyone she meets, when you first meet her most people hate her because they don't know her and all they see is screaming and tantrums, but give it a little time and she will show you her creative and fun side to the point that she ends up being your favorite. We have been told by several different people "all your kids are cute, but there is just something about Keira, she is my favorite!" We are off to have some "Hannah Montana" fun more picts to come of her cake and her day!

Happy Birthday Keira, We Love You!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Runia's Summer Fun (PICTURE OVERLOAD!)

Okay so not posting for a few months is not a good idea when you take a lot of pictures ha ha. So here is an overview of what we have been up to this summer. I did each post separately to make it easier to see the different things we did instead of them being mushed all in one gigantic post. So keep scrolling the last one was titled Jayda's Dinner. So, here ya go. . . enjoy.

Nyah's Last Days of School

Nyah has loved her school and has met a lot of fun and new friends there. This one of the lasts days of school she had. Here she is at her desk. This is her 1st grade teacher Miss Lisa, who she loved.
She had a good time in first grade and enjoyed her summer and is now ready to go back to school in the 2nd grade.

Ballet Recital

Keira had her ballet recital in June. She danced to the song "That's How You Know" from the movie Enchanted. It was so cute and she did such a good job. This picture is one some friends of ours actually got of her at the recital I thought it was so stinkn' cute! Our little ballerina

I loved this picture I thought it was so cute.


Nyah had her gymnastics meet at the end of June. She really enjoys gymnastics and has come a long way. This is her balance beam routine. Nyah and my friend Becky's little girl Kailee, who also is in gymnastics.

She loves to pose for the camera, she looks so cute.
I have to give a shout out to my mom who came to support Ny and took all the pictures for me. Also to my good friend Becky who did Nyah's hair and make-up and got her ready for her meet. I couldn't be there because I was stuck at home with the Swine Flu, yes I did say Swine Flu and ironically we think I got it from the gym I go to, of all places. It was no fun I had to stay in my house and couldn't be around anyone, including my kids for a full week, so I missed out on this but thank heavens I have family and good friends to help out when in need. At least daddy was there.

The 4th of July

This year was very similar to previous years for our 4th of July celebrations. We started out with our neighborhood pancake breakfast with a parade of bikes that are lead by a fire truck. Then we went boating with my parents followed by a BBQ at my parents house. Here is my three cute girls ready to start the fun.This is funny at the neighborhood breakfast, the primary gave out stickers, well we were sitting with some friends one of which we call Jayda's adoptive parents cause they love this kid and are always playing with her. Anyway he got a hold of her and gave her LOTS of stickers from the primary all on her back.We can't go boating without the "yummy's"
Jared, Ty (my brother-in-law), and Blake (my brother) all got on the tube together, it looks like it's gonna sink ha ha. The look on my brothers face (in front) cracks me up. They rode on this thing and it was fun to watch them get thrown several times, I am surprised it held up with all that weight on it.Me and my sis Karri, got on the other tube with ALL the kids, it was a little crowded but the kids enjoyed floating around.
Jayda with a sparkler, she liked them but she had other things to do. . .
Like play in the dirt while the fireworks were going off. Nyah wasn't sure about this, she was afraid of getting burned, of course when she realized that she was okay, she lit one after another.Then our little pyro, we couldn't keep her away from the fireworks and she was right there wanting to light them with the guys.

We had a good 4th this year, the kids I think had a good time.

The Children's Museum

So, Jared's sister Missy came up to visit and while she was here we went and did a bunch of fun things. One day we went to The Children's Museum. The kids had such a blast there, it really is a fun place. Here is Jayda and Autumn being News Casters, I love that Jayda can barely see over the table. Nyah in front of the green screen, it would show up on a tv with something fun behind her.

Keira liked the house they had to play in.

Of course the dress up queen finds something to dress up in and then shops at the grocery store they have.

Jayda found this doll stroller and was a happy camper she pushed that thing around the rest of them we were there, hmmm I wonder what we should get her for her birthday. . .

Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill this year was a blast as always, the kids and a TON of fun with cousins and playing in the water. Here is our dare devil Nyah getting thrown by daddy in the pool. Nyah and Daddy

Our little "Shay Shay", she liked wandering in the water.

Keira and Jamie had a blast playing with all the toys together

Jayda was NOT amused with this slide as you can see.

I LOVE this picture the way she is standing plus the look on her face is just priceless. Also the shoe on her hand is a crack up!

I don't know how they convinced Keira to go down this ride but she did it.

Keira with Grandma
Me and my girls in the lazy river.

Jayda getting caught eating butter, I guess that is my pay back for eating butter when I was a child. uggh it just grosses me out.
Jayda enjoying watermelon, even the rhine.
sitting around chatting and eating.
This is Keira's outfit that she walked all over the place with it on. She is such a crack up.

These things almost make her look cross eyed ha ha.
All I can say is, that poor dog! Look at the look on Jayda's face though, it so reminds me of a facial expression my sister, Heather used to make. Don't you agree, Heather.
Ny, totally fell asleep in the lazy river.

My kids LOVE Cherry Hill and are already talking about when we can go back, or as Keira calls it "shally Hill". We enjoy it every year, our little "Staycation"

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell with Jared's family, well all his siblings with their families, and his mom. Okay so basically everyone except his dad, who stayed home cause he had recently had knee surgery. Anyway, we stopped to see Jared's grandma Joy on the way, the kids just love her she is so cute with them and you can tell she really enjoys having them around.Jared and me and his favorite place.So this is our beach and one night this stuff called "Indian Soap" came in and it ate away at our beach causing a drop off that was not there before it was so crazy. Before it came where Jared was standing would have maybe gone up to his knees and now look at it. This is my proof that every time I go to Lake Powell, we get lovely weather.

Nyah while there got to be our brave little girl, she was jumping off of things into the water and going face first off this slide into the water. She had so much fun with her cousins.

Keira and Jayda loved playing with the sand toys we brought

We washed our hair some days, yes it was in lake water but it did feel much better after you did it.

You can see Jared here, but if you look slightly to the left you can barely see Nyah, who climbed up there with the rest of them ready to jump off this and then she got up there and froze. It took nearly 30 minutes to convince her to jump. Eventually she did and after that she was hooked and loved it. I think she has a little of her daddy in her there.

Keira and her cousins, Ethan and Tyson. They had a good time.

They all went hiking up here in that crack in the wall. Nyah was with them and Jared said she wanted to be in front and lead the way and was never scared. You can see her in front as they are coming down now.
Here is my dare devil husband cliff jumping.

Washing Ny's hair

Our lovely family photo, look at Jayda's happy face and Keira's I have no idea what she is doing face. At least Nyah looked.

This is our little "mud flinger" she loved getting shovel fulls of mud and dumping it on this cooler over and over. Of course she got mud everywhere all over herself.
After the cooler she attacked Keira with the mud, who was not pleased with this ha ha, oh Jayda you are your daddy's child through and through always teasing.

Nyah and Addy being pulled by this cool tube, they LOVED it.

Keira just enjoyed many boat rides.

So that is Lake Powell in a nut shell it was so much fun we really had a good time.