Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 23

Today I am THANKFUL for Holidays.  I love having the holidays.  We get to spend time with our families that we don’t ALWAYS get to see.  If gets us out of the day to day ROUTINE and allows you to do DIFFERENT and fun things.  I love having different kinds of TRADITIONS The joy it brings to my KIDS and families.  I always get excited when the HOLIDAYS come around.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today I am THANKFUL for CAMERAS.  I love having a camera to capture such memorable moments in time.  Whether it’s from a BIRTHDAY party or a VACATION, your baby’s FIRST steps, etc.  Usually at most functions you will see some kind of CAMERA with me.  I LOVE both and most of the time have them both, either taking PICTURES or capturing treasured video.  I love watching HOME movies and looking at old PICTURES.  I am grateful to have ways to remember these SPECIAL moment even BETTER.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 21

Today I am THANKFUL for books.  I love reading.  It’s FUNNY cause when I was younger, I didn’t really enjoy reading so much.  It wasn’t until I got OLDER, that I really started to enjoy reading.  I love CURLING up with a good book.  Just getting LOST in a different REALITY for just a little while.  I am GRATEFUL to be able to just sit and read a BOOK whenever I feel like it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 20

Today I am THANKFUL for prayer.  It is such a great COMFORT for me.  If ever I am having a bad day, I know that when I PRAY I will feel that PEACE and that comfort that I so badly need.  I LOVE having that relationship with my FATHER IN HEAVEN.  He is the ONE that KNOWS everything and still loves me.  The one who makes me feel as IMPORTANT as I should.  He is there to listen to us, to help us, he wants to help us, all we have to do is ASK.  I love that I get so many ANSWERS to my prayers even if it seems like a silly QUESTION.  Through prayer my TESTIMONY is strengthened.  Some days it’s my LIFELINE.  I am so grateful to have that KNOWLEDGE about prayer.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 19

Today I am THANKFUL for the SNOW.  Yes, thats right, I said the SNOW!  Growing up in a place were you get 9 MONTHS of winter, you learn to appreciate it.  You learn all the FUN things there is to do in the snow.  We would get A LOT of snow.  We built these HUGE  snow forts in our front yard, COMPLETE with different tunnels, and SLIDES up top.  We went SLEDDING almost, daily.  Our house was right next to the mountain, we would HIKE up there and go sledding for HOURS.  We had snow machines, yes I just called them snow MACHINES (we did NOT call them snow mobiles)!  I LOVED to go snow machining, it was so much fun.  I LOVE coming in from a cold winter day, to sit and have hot chocolate.  I think when there is fresh snow on the ground, it is BEAUTIFUL.  I am grateful that I have been able to experience the JOY you can have with the snow.

Star Valley, Wyoming in Winter

Friday, November 18, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 18

Today I am THANKFUL for MUSIC.  I love music, it brings me so much JOY.  Listening to it can put me from a bad mood to a good mood.  I have always felt that music is POWERFUL.  I have had important ANSWERS to prayers come in the form of music.  I can LISTEN to a song and be REMINDED of an important moment in my life, a good memory will come, when listening to certain songs.  I have SPECIFIC songs that remind me of my each of my KIDS.  I like sharing MUSIC with them.  It’s such a wonderful part of my LIFE.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 17

Today I am THANKFUL for my kids GIGGLES.  I LOVE that sound.  I tickle them all the time just to hear that joyful sound.  The sound of that laughter and play is MUSIC to my ears.  Just knowing that they are HAPPY and thriving when so many CHILDREN in this world are not.  Knowing that I can give them a GREAT childhood, filled with many memories, learning, and wonderment is such a great BLESSING for me.

Being THANKFUL Day 16

Today I am THANKFUL for modern conveniences.  With just the push of a BUTTON we can have so many things at our FINGER TIPS.  We can cook things very quickly and with very little HASSLE, we can look things up with just the simple CLICK of a mouse, we can have the internet ANYWHERE we go, we have the ABILITY to watch all kinds of TV shows and movies from the comforts of our own HOMES, we can get to and from places very QUICKLY, we can send a message to a friend within SECONDS, we can talk to people and even VIDEO chat with people clear across the WORLD.  Our lives are quite EASY when you think about it, especially when you compare it to a while back before all of this was INVENTED.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 15

Today I am THANKFUL for hot running water.  I think this is something that is taken for GRANTED.  There have been DAYS and times when we have run out of HOT water for whatever reason while I am in the SHOWER and boy do I miss it those days.  I am so GRATEFUL that we have running water and HOT water.  I can soak in a nice hot bath, or stand in the shower and get CLEAN.  I can give my kids baths/showers, all with their own WATER.  This is one of the many LITTLE things we typically don’t think about.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 14

Today I am THANKFUL for DISNEYLANDI love that place.  It’s like my HOME away from home.  It’s so MAGICAL there.  I love that my kids LOVE it there too.  I love the atmosphere.  It’s so friendly and INVITING.  Seeing my kids eyes LIGHT up when they first experience things from there.  Whether they are meeting their favorite CHARACTER or going on a ride for the first time.  I am so GLAD that Jared likes it as much as I do.  With kids, you have a SMALL window were they LOVE it there before they start to grow out of it.  I am GRATEFUL that I get to have this EXPERIENCE with my kids before they are too GROWN up for it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 13

Today I am THANKFUL for my house.  We BUILT it over 9 years ago.  It was our FIRST home purchase.  I am thankful that we have enough SPACE for our family.  It keeps us WARM in the winter and keeps us COOL in the summer.  My kids have NEVER lived in any other place.  It’s in a GREAT neighborhood, it feels safe enough for us, which is so NICE.  My kids have plenty of friends they can PLAY with.  There is a YARD for us to play in.  I LOVE having a place to call HOME.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 12

Today I am THANKFUL for my MacBook Pro.  That was one of our BEST purchases.  I never thought I would like a laptop for some reason.  Now that I have one, I would NEVER want to go back to desktop.  This is just way to CONVENIENT.  I love that I can type this while sitting in the PLAY room watching the kids play.  I can sit in my nice COMFORTABLE, warm bed and watch my FAVORITE shows on it.  I can take it to my mom’s HOUSE and get things done and it will be SAVED to MY computer.  It’s, small, and light weight.  I really like the APPLE brand.  I used to be a PC girl and we switched and it’s so much more CONVENIENT.  There a few things that I miss from my PC, but the emphasis is the word FEW.  There are far more POSITIVE things about this computer then NEGATIVE.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 11

Today I am of course THANKFUL to all the men and women who have SERVED our country.  They sacrifice there TIME, time that could be spent with their LOVED ones.  They spend DEFENDING our country.  Giving us the FREEDOMS we enjoy today.  Freedom is something I don’t EVER want to take for GRANTED.  It comes at a high PRICE.  People give there lives so that I can have the LIFE that I live today.  I owe them a HUGE debt of GRATITUDE.  They truly are HEROS.  So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for all that you have done and continue to do.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 10

Whenever I HEAR the song of a BIRD.  Or look at the BLUE, blue sky, Whenever I feel the RAIN on my face.  Or the WIND as it RUSHES by, Whenever I touch a VELET rose.  Or walk by a LILAC tree, I'm GLAD that I live in this BEAUTIFUL world Heavenly Father CREATED for me.  I always have LOVED that song.  Today I am THANKFUL for the BEAUTY of the world we live in.  There are so many BEAUTIFUL places in this world.  Many of the places I have been and I feel PEACEFUL and happy.  They truly are remarkable.  I am THANKFUL we have such a beautiful world we get to LIVE in.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 9

Today I am THANKFUL for the HEAT.  I love to be nice and WARM.  I have many DIFFERENT ways to get warm and I LOVE them all.  Wether I am in a nice HOT bath, laying out on a hot SUMMER day, curled up in a BLANKET with hot CHOCOLATE, reading a book by the FIRE.  I love all these things.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 8

Today I am THANKFUL for the TEMPLE.  I remember growing up in primary my FAVORITE song was “I Love to See the Temple.”  There is no where else that I can go and feel such PEACE.  I love to go there and FORGET about all my worries and things that I have on my to-do list.  I can just be there and feel the SPIRIT.  I can get answers to PRAYERS there.  I am grateful that I live so CLOSE to so many.  I can go whenever I want.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 7

Today I am THANKFUL for my kids school.  I am so thankful that my KIDS were lucky enough to get into the SCHOOL they are in.  It has been AMAZING for them.  They have learned so much and have had awesome TEACHERS.  They have been so HELPFUL so far in dealing with Keira and her SPECIAL needs.  I actually still remember the day I got the PHONE call telling me they had an AVAILABLE spot for Nyah in the school.  I REMEMBER where I was and what I was doing.  It was that MEMORABLE for me because there school really is that good.  I just LOVE there school.  I also LOVE Jayda’s preschool she goes to.  Her teacher is so CUTE with the kids and she ABSOLUTELY loves it there.  I am so thankful that we were LUCKY enough to find a preschool that is so GREAT, and AFFORDABLE, not to mention so CLOSE to our house.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 6

Today I am THANKFUL for Jared’s family.  They really are an AWESOME family.  I got pretty LUCKY in the in-law department.  I hear HORROR stories of peoples in-laws and I don’t have that, they are GOOD people.  I LOVE having them as a part of my LIFE.  They look out for one another.  They RESPECT each other.  They have such good RELATIONSHIPS with one another.  It’s how I hope my CHILDREN will be towards each other one day.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 5

Today I am THANKFUL for my FAMILY!  We have been through a lot TOGETHER.  But that’s just it, we have always been together.  Hanging in there, through LAUGHTER through TEARS through TRIALS, and through FEARS.   We don’t always AGREE on everything, but we all LOVE each other and would do ANYTHING for one another.  We will kick anyones butt, who is MEAN to one of our family members.  We have so MANY great memories from growing up.  Now we are OLDER and having KIDS of our own.  We SUPPORT one another.  We may all be a bunch of NUTS but, we are the COOLEST nuts around.  I wouldn’t trade my FAMILY for anything around, I love them and will LOVE them FOREVER!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 4

I am THANKFUL for all of my FRIENDS!  The ones who STAY up until the wee hours of the morning, LAUGHING at the DUMBEST things until our sides hurt.  Crying together over the things that HURT.  The ones who you HELP them with anything at the drop of a hat, no questions asked, the ones who RETURN the favor TEN FOLD.  The ones who we can LAUGH together over the FUNNY things the kids do, or CRY for each other when our KIDS are hurt or sick  or struggling.  The ones we tell EVERYTHING to.  The ones who tell us EVERYTHING.  I am so THANKFUL to have them in my life!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 3

I am THANKFUL for The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints.  I am so GRATEFUL to have this in my life.  To have a TESTIMONY of the gospel.  To be able to feel the SPIRIT.      Without the gospel I don’t know were I would be.  It give me COMFORT.  It gives me STRENGTH.  It gives my life PURPOSE.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 2

Today I am THANKFUL for my husband.  He is so AMAZING.  He must have the patience of 10 men to put up with the likes of me.  He always helps around the HOUSE.  He is an AMAZING dad.  He will sit and play with the KIDS forever.  I have seen him with dress up GIRL shoes on.  With BARBIES, the whole girl works.  I love that our SON  looks just like him.  I LOVE him more today then yesterday and will love him more TOMORROW.  Love ya, BABE!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being THANKFUL Day 1

I was thinking that for NOVEMBER I would post something that I am THANKFUL” for each day.  My first thing is my KIDS.  I am thankful for EVERY one of them.  I am so thankful that I was BLESSED enough to have them.  To be able to be a MOTHER  To be able to stay HOME with them.  To HANG out.  To watch them LEARN and GROW.  Each one is so SPECIAL and UNIQUE in there own LITTLE way.  I LOVE them so much!

Happy Halloween!

We have been BUSY these past couple of weeks.  It’s always like that during HOLIDAYS.  Can’t really complain.  They are always FUN.  I am glad when they are OVER though.

We had “Red Ribbon” week at SCHOOL.  On the last day was CRAZY hair day.  The girls get so excited for that part.  We had MOHAWK Nyah and RAINBOW pony tails Keira.  

One of the kids FAVORITE things in October is to paint the PUMPKINS!  We got to do that.  They all got really into it.  Keira knew exactly what she wanted for her pumpkin weeks before we actually PAINTED them.  It’s a GHOST for anyone that can’t tell.  Nyah just got SILLY with hers.  Probably because the neighbor boy was over, so she had an AUDIENCE.  We all know how Nyah likes to have an audience.  Connor thought this was GREAT.  Although, I haven’t quite figured out if it was the actual PAINTING the pumpkins that he loved or the fact that we STRIPPED him down.  Jayda just had fun with all the different COLORS.  They all had fun though and that is what COUNTS.

My FRIENDS and I had a halloween get together.  We decided that we should dress up like the “PEOPLE OF WALMARTas you can see some of really got into it and the other “party poopers” who shall remain NAMELESS not so much.  I even got Jared to wear some of my pj PANTS, which was great by itself!  It was FUN coming up with COSTUMES for this.  However, while in costume I remember DARTING across our street, HOPING nobody saw me ha ha!

Dressing up for HALLOWEEN has to be one of my favorites!  I didn’t dress up on Halloween, but I did do WITCHES night out and the people of WALMART.  So that should count right?  I love coming up with COSTUMES for the kids.  This year mom was a little MEAN, and I kind of persuaded the kids on what to DRESS UP.  I don’t mind them PICKING their own, I just didn’t want to spend a ton of MONEY this year.  Nyah did CHOOSE her costume.  Keira loves RANDOM costumes, so JoJo worked PERFECT for her.  Jayda loves anything GIRLY so being a FAIRY was easy, and Connor, well he is to SMALL to care what his costume is yet anyway.  So AFTER it all, I only ended up having to buy the FACE PAINT because my BESTEST friend had a bunch of stuff on HAND and we had some stuff as well.  The kids were all HAPPY with their costumes so that was GOOD.   Of course I had to throw in the PICTURE of my brothers costume.  He is always so CREATIVE with his costumes, I LOVE it!  He even did an IMPRESSION for us, it was HILARIOUS! 
Now, HALLOWEEN night, the kids had fun going and getting a bunch of CANDY.  Connor, was so EXHAUSTING!  We brought a WAGON to cart him around in.  Which at first was all he wanted, he didn’t WANT out.  It wasn’t long before he figured out that at each house you got CANDY  Then it was over!  He REFUSED to stay in the wagon.  He didn’t want to be HELD.  If we put him down, he would take OFF  He LOVED every minute of this.  He even started saying his version of TRICK OR TREAT  it sounded more like “dee, dee, dee, dee” it sounded like that is what he was TRYING to say.  It was so CUTE!

KEIRA, what can I say.  I LOVE this kid!  She DECIDED one day, she would make a “Perry the Platypus” COSTUME.  She did not tell us of COURSE.  We were at GRANDMA’S house, when she pulls this BOX out of their garage.  She starts COLORING it.  I remember thinking “why is she coloring a box?”  She got some SCISSORS out and started cutting away, which was quite SCARY at times, I swear she was going to STAB herself with the dang scissors, but she never did.  Then all of the SUDDEN she puts it on and there you go!  She CREATED this with out any help from us!  It was all HER!  From the IDEA of it, to the PUTTING it together.  To be in that CHILD’S head even for an hour.  You NEVER know what she is THINKING

It’s been a BUSY month.  A FUN month, but very busy.  Our being busy is not about to LIGHTEN anytime soon either.  Gotta love the HOLIDAYS!!!!