Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Dress up?

Okay this is more of a question for everyone out there. Are you dressing up for Halloween and if so what are you going to be what about your spouse? I thought that would be a fun little poll for people to do.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

101 Things About Jessi

Okay I wanted to try this, I'm kinda boring though so 101 is a pretty big number, but here goes:

1. I HATE most vegetables (I totally gag on them).
2. I have a massive fear of heights, I can't even watch movies when someone is up high without getting nauseous.
3. I am also horrified of bees, I don't care what people say about standing still I am running from those Satan's with wings.
4. I LOVE reading and am always looking for more books to read.
5. I really like scrapbooking and am still under the illusion that one day I will be caught up, only when I take over 300 pictures per vacation or 100 at birthday parties it makes it complex to do so.
6. I am addicted to sugar and love any type of sweets, especially cookies, ice cream, and cakes.
7. I just turned 27
8. My husband is 6 1/2 years older than I am
9. I LOVE going to my kick boxing class (I like to pretend I am kicking and punching people).
10. I also like my multi step class only I swear I am very uncoordinated and mess up all the time.
11. I HATE eating healthy, if I could get away with eating hamburgers and milkshakes all the time, I totally would.
12. I dream of one day being "super mom" complete with homemade goodies for after school snacks for my kids, lets be honest though I wasn't born in the 50's
13. I like to wrestle Jared, even though I don't stand a chance considering he out weighs me by 100 lbs.
14. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Disneyland and love that my kids love it.
15. I LOVE shopping for things for my kids.
16. I would love to go back to school one day when my kids are all in school, have no idea what I would go into though.
17. I wish I spent more time with my kids.
18. I would love to travel all over the world, I have a list a mile long of places I would love to see.
19. I just realized that I say love a lot, ha ha.
20. I hate it when I get stereotyped "dumb blond" inside I am rolling my eyes and totally annoyed.
21. I am not a fan of cooking, I only do it so my kids wont starve
22. I like to feed my kids cereal for dinner, way to convenient.
23. I am so uncoordinated, I have a hard time walking on a solid flat surface without tripping or stubbing my toe.
24. I am a little scared of Keira, I never know what she will do next.
25. I have tortured all my girls by piercing all their ears...yes even Jayda.
26. I love girl clothes and accessories.
27. I HATE, HATE cleaning
28. I am a perfectionist and visualize everything in it's place in my house and it's spotless.
29. My house is never spotless
30. I am addicted to taking pictures and videoing everything.
31. I have 2 sister and 1 brother.
32. I grew up in a very small town in Wyoming (1500 people, no stop lights).
33. I try to get Keira to say things that have a "s" in the word to watch her lisp, it's too cute.
34. I LOVE to smell and kiss Jayda.
35. 1 year is my FAVORITE age of kids, they are so sweet and full of personality, without the attitude yet.
36. I love to ask Nyah questions about life, she has it all figured out and it's hilarious to see what she thinks about things.
37. I make lists all the time.
38. I rarely finish all the tasks on my list.
39. I am addicted to google.
40. I am really not much of an animal lover.
41. I prefer dogs over cats.
42. We currently don't have any pets.
43. I LOVE the holidays and get really excited around this time of year for all of them.
44. If I had my way all my Christmas shopping would be done already.
45. I have never once had surgery, not even for wisdom teeth.
46. I once had to get stitches and a tetanus shot all from one incident. (see #23 as to why).
47. I broke my arm when I was 3. (Again see #23 as to why).
48. I really am not a fan of spiders, they are so creepy and crawly.
49. I love all my girls quirks
50. I get pregnant way to easy, all my girls were first tries. (maybe tmi).
51. I loved breastfeeding, but the furthest I made it was 6 months, my milk supply just diminishes.
52. I love going to church, I look forward to it and miss it when we don't go.
53. I LOVE the BOM, I feel like I finally understand it and what happens in there.
54. I have never been away from Nyah and Keira for more then over one night.
55. I have never been away from Jayda for more than a few hours.
56. I love watching crime dramas on TV. I only watch 2 though CSI and Bones.
57. I LOVE watching "Super Nanny" she has some great ideas.
58. We have no TV at our house, well we have a TV but get no channels, not even the networks like NBC, ABC, etc.
59. We have to watch all of our favorite shows off my moms dvr.
60. I LOVE shopping for kids clothes at Naartjie, so cute. That store is gonna be the death of my finances.
61. I am an Internet shopper, love ebay, amazon, and now etsy.
62. My favorite color is purple and has been since I was a little girl.
63. I LOVE watching home movies and can sit and watch them for hours.
64. I like the idea of dressing up for Halloween but never really do.
65. I am a procrastinator and wish I wasn't, I try not to be. Old habits are hard to break.
66. I think it's funny how Nyah can totally watch some adult movie that I think will scare her like "Ghost Rider" and it doesn't, but she totally gets freaked out by an episode of "The Berenstain Bears"
67. I LOVE the idea of girls night out with friend, but never do it.
68. I have all these great ideas that I want to do for myself but rarely follow through with the plan. (see #'s 67, 64, 38, & 12)
69. I love the excitement of planning for a new baby.
70. No, I am not pregnant, nor are we trying.
71. I enjoy planning parties.
72. I have had to give at least 3 wedding showers and at least 5 baby showers that I can think of off the top of my head.
73. I would love to do adult parties with friends, like Halloween or one of those murder mystery theme parties but I worry that people would think it's to childish, ha ha.
74. People think I am creative, but in reality I just steal ideas from everyone else.
75. I have way to many projects that I am doing right now, that are all only half done.
76. I am not very good at managing my time.
77. I LOVE to have my hair played with and try to make Jared and my mom do it all the time.
78. I think I throw to many things away when cleaning out rooms, I once even threw out my wedding bouquet, I regret that now.
79. I miss all my grandparents that have died and think about them all the time.
80. I think about my future so much that I have my tentative life planned out until I die (not kidding).
81. I love that Jared is so in shape and loves the gym.
82. I hate the amount of time he spends in the gym sometimes.
83. I love board games, and am always buying some for Christmas.
84. I am such a light sleeper and everything wakes me up.
85. Some nights it takes over an hour for me to fall asleep.
86. Jared and I will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary in November this year.
87. One of my favorite sayings and my motto right now is "Cleaning House While Kids are Growing is like Shoveling Snow when it's still Snowing"
88. My mom asked me to start teaching her preschool for her daycare.
89. I LOVE everything about summer, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of sprinklers and lawn mowers, the smell of BBQ's, the hot days, EVERYTHING.
90. I like the idea of it being cold and snowing outside while sitting by a fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate.
91. I like having snow for Christmas.
92. The day after Christmas, the snow better be gone, cause I am over it.
93. I always make "New Years Resolutions".
94. I always make too many resolutions,so it's too hard to accomplish all of them.
95. I love camping but we never go.
96. I don't panic when emergency's happen, I just do what needs to be done.
97. I love finding new & fun ways to do my girls hair.
98. I like to make hair bows for my girls hair.
99. My girls probably have WAY too many hair things.
100. I love socializing and going to social events to socialize.
101. I wish Jared and I would get out more with other couples.

WOW, I can't believe I finished, it. That was a lot.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Which Cullen are you?

I thought this was a fun quiz! I like taking random quizes though.
I'm a Bella! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

Monday, October 6, 2008


So clearly we made it back and oh what a trip! I almost felt like I was on a Griswald family vacation. We had a few mishaps, like we made it all the way to Cedar City (3 hrs away) before it dawned on me that I left Jayda's suitcase with EVERYTHING in it at home on her changing table all ready to load in the car. So we started making phone calls, I called my brother who works at UPS to see how much it would be to ship it to us which would have been $150 so that was not gonna be an option, then we thought well maybe we can stop at the outlets in St. George to buy her some new clothes, enough to get us by anyway. Then my SIL comes to our rescue, she babysits this little girl that is 18 months old that had some extra clothes, so we had to create a few outfits out of that and then buy her some diapers & sippy cups but it worked out. Then our other
Griswald moments where the fact that every one of my kids came back from that trip with scabs or bruises, seriously in Vegas Nyah the poor uncoordinated child was running around a corner of my in-laws pool, tripped and fell in, it was right at the beach front entrance so there wasn't so much a worry about drowning but she scraped up her legs pretty good. Then on the way back through Vegas she tripped out of the pool, now only Nyah could pull this one off; tripping out of the pool but she did, she was saying she needed to go pee and then tripped coming out, falling, scraped up her elbow and then she accidentally peed right there from the fall. So Nyah has a few battle wounds. Jayda on our first night in the hotel, totally face planted it off the bed and got rug burn on her nose. Keira's was a little funny and made me feel bad. We were in Disneyland and Jared was walking ahead of us, so I sent Nyah to catch up with him, I grabbed Keira's hand and started walking fast to catch up to him, well as I am dragging her behind me I hear this BAM! and I get jolted as I was walking, I turn around, only to see that poor Keira walked into the corner of a trash can, we later saw the bruise forming on her forehead, I felt bad about that. She also scraped her upper lip which I have no idea how she got it but she did and it's a scab. So that was the other part of our Griswald vacation now part three is on the second day in Disneyland we got the most wonderful wake up call at 6:30 of Keira throwing up, there is no other sound in the world that will spring parents out of bed faster then the gagging that comes with vomiting. So that second day Jared stayed in the hotel with Keira while she slept and Jayda was there sleeping as well, I took Nyah to Disneyland. Keira felt much better by the afternoon and got to come the park to play. Thank heavens no one else got sick!

Okay so that was the Griswald parts of the vacation, everything else was soo much fun, we had 3 day park hopper passes and it was soo much fun. On the third day we dressed the girls up as princess' and they got to meet the princess, you would think they where meeting celebrities (well, I guess they are celebrities to kids) Keira when she saw Cinderella had this reaction "look, it's Cinderella. .OH. .MY. . GOSH!" as she clamped her hand over mouth in total shock of seeing her. Nyah was in heaven with Sleeping Beauty because they were dressed the same and the girl made a big deal out of it asking Nyah if she had shopped in her closet and calling Nyah her twin it was so cute. Everyone got a kick out of baby Tinkerbell, she looked so cute. We had fun taking Keira on all the bigger rides for the first time, she was barely tall enough like you have to be 40" and she is exactly 40" with shoes on so they had to do some careful measuring to let her on. I took her on Thunder Mountain and her reaction was the funniest, she had a permanent grin on her face the whole time and was laughing, and not just a regular laugh but an evil laugh it was so funny. She thrived on all of them, Jared had oh so much fun taking them on Tower of Terror. Nyah this year was finally tall enough for Indiana Jones, which completely terrified her, she was not thrilled with the bugs, bats, snakes, etc (total girl right there).

The only downside was the HEAT they got this weird heat spell while we where there and it was easily in the high 90's so we where dying of heat the whole time and of course it cools down the day we left. Oh well.

I loved all the Halloween decorations, they go all out and it was so much fun to see. Since it was around Jayda's birthday we told them and they gave her a pin to wear and whenever someone who worked there saw it they made a big deal and would sing "Happy Birthday" to her it was so cute. We did all our traditional things, the girls all got Mickey Mouse earrings, even Jayda; even though her ears are not pierced. . .yet. I got my chocolate covered carmeled apple from downtown Disney.

Our hotel was great! It was a suite with a kitchen area and a living room, and they fed us breakfast and dinner everyday. The "continental" breakfast even had things like eggs, bacon, and waffles. The dinner wasn't the best quality like Home Town Buffet quality but hey, it was free food so no complaints.

We went to the beach the first day and Jayda LOVED it, she was constantly in the water and would not get out. Nyah collected every shell within a 100 ft radius of us and Keira was content to fill her bucket up with sand and follow Nyah around.

All in all the trip was a total blast we had so much fun and now I am watching my mom's daycare all week to help pay for it, yay for me.

Oh, and keep reading I also posted about Jayda's birthday party.

Jayda's Birthday Party

So, Jayda kind of had 2 birthday parties. That would be because when we planned our Disneyland trip we didn't quite take into account that it was right during Jayda's birthday, we at first were thinking it was right when Nyah went off track, and later realized oh, and it's Jayda's birthday. So we had a party for her on Thursday night (the night before we left) so grandparents could get in on the action. We did a first birthday princess theme

I found these super cute photo tents online, so I put pictures of Jayda from when she was born up until now.
So, Jayda gets the prize for the best 1st birthday cake eating experience, hands down she was the best. So it started off, with a little taste testing. . .
Then she dug right in, just demolishing the thing. . .
And, it's destroyed, I don't know if she liked the taste of the sugar or the squishy feel of it in her hands better, she just like it all.
It ended in a HUGE mess, but totally worth it because we where laughing so hard watching her.
The fun didn't stop there we put her in the sink to wash her up and she totally kept putting her mouth over the faucet to take a drink, then she would have to spit out most the water because it was coming out way to fast for her to drink.
After the mess, it was present time. Nanny and Grandma sure did good jobs this year. This is one of the things Nanny got her, and she totally LOVES it, she wrestles it, lays on top of it, and bounces with it.
This was the extent of her opening presents, after this brief interest she was over it and totally not wanting anything to do with it. Nyah and Keira sure had fun opening all of the presents though.
This was what grandma got her, she loves this things and gets very upset when she is taken out of here.
So, this was her second, sort of party. I just figured she needed to have some fun on her actual birthday and since we were in Las Vegas during her birthday we just bought a quick cake and saved some of her presents to open there.
I loved that uncle Ryan was so willing to hold her so she could eat her cake (boy did he not know what he was getting himself into lol).
And here was the result of his politeness, (and that was just with one little piece of cake!)
Here is the cutest messy baby ever!
So we had fun celebrating Jayda's birthday, it is so weird to know that she is one, it went so dang fast for me. She is getting very close to walking, so oh ya more mobility.