Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I am doing this early, her birthday is actually on the 28th but since we will be gone I decided to do it today so I don't end up forgetting. So, wow, I can't believe it's already been a year since she was born, it went by so fast. It seems like just yesterday she was born, I remember having to be induced because our insurance only covered til the end of September and my OB said she was getting pretty big, so they induced me a week early. I was in labor for only 5 hours when she was born. She weighed 8 lbs 10 oz. I remember when I first tried nursing her, she latched right on like an old pro. She has been so much fun for us, she has the cutest personality and is always so happy all the time.
It was a rocky start when she was born, she was colicky and she had jaundice and ended up in the bilibed. We called it her "tanning bed."

After the first few weeks, we settled into a routine and she was so content and VERY alert, it was crazy how often this kid was awake.
Our little Care Bear
We blessed her in December
We got be involved in our stakes live nativity and we where "Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus." That was so neat to do, I loved it!

She would stick everything in her mouth. I put her in her Easter basket and she decided to eat it.

I love the sunglasses on her, it's so stinkin' cute.
Here she goes putting things in her mouth again.
Okay, I have no idea what she was attempting to do here but I was laughing at her. She kept putting her foot in her mouth.
We have a collection of some cute pictures of her sleeping she falls asleep pretty much anywhere and sometimes it's in some cute ways. Here she is with her blankets from her changing table.
Here, she fell asleep at lunch.
This was funny, if you look at her right leg you notice it's through the bars on her crib, so cute.
Here she is in her bouncer seat
These are her birthday pictures, she LOVED the cake and couldn't get enough of it, she actually picked up the whole thing to put in her mouth.
Our little ballerina
She was so done with getting her pictures taken at this point
I LOVE this picture she is so cute.

I can't believe our little Jayda is already 1, how time flys.
Jayda: sweet, happy, giggly, content, bouncy, curious, talkative, mommy's girl, loving, huggable, explorer.
That's what Jayda is to us, she loves to be held and talked to. She is very ticklish and laughs all the time when we tickle her. She gives some wonderful hugs and she bounces all the time, this kid would jump all the time if we let her. She is always exploring all over the house putting everything in her mouth on the way, I am always catching her with things in her mouth, I can't tell you the amount of times she starts choking on things. She is a total mommy's girl and wants me to hold her all the time, she gets so upset if I walk past her without picking her up and has the saddest cry ever. She also makes some of the funniest faces at random, I wish we could at least coax them out of her to get them on video but she is very random about it. We love our little Jayda and have enjoyed every minute of her.
Happy 1st Birthday Jayda, we love you!!
PS. If you continue reading the next post you will see we will be gone for a little while.

And We Are Off. . .& a bit of randomness

We are going to Disneyland!! We are soo excited it's not even funny. The girls have no idea we are going. We are leaving tomorrow right after Nyah gets out of school. Our plan is to have the car packed and ready to go and then we will go pick Nyah up from school (she gets out at 1:20, since Friday's are early days) and just start driving and see how long it takes her to ask where we are going, ha ha. We will drive to Las Vegas on Friday, to stay with Jared's brother and then we have to stop at the Mr. Olympia fitness expo on Saturday (I like to call it Jared's trick-or-treating). Then we will relax for a few days and on Monday we will head out to L.A. Then it will be Disneyland Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, then late Thursday night we will drive back to Vegas and then head home either Friday or Saturday. So we will be back next week with lots of fun pictures to share. Okay so I had to add these few pictures, Nyah lost her first tooth. She was so excited, she went to bed that night so good worried that the tooth fairy would miss our house if she didn't, it was quite funny. It's been loose for several weeks now, but then on Sunday at my in-laws she was eating corn on the cob and it started bleeding and she insisted on getting what she calls a two-shoe aka a tissue, to pull it. She started shouting and jumping "it's coming out, it's coming out!" It was so funny. The "tooth fairy" left her a gold dollar, with fairy dust left on her pillow, she was thrilled with that.
This is how we found Keira sleeping the other night. It's part of a skunk costume that she insists on wearing all the time. The funny thing is, it's for a baby (3-6 months) is in fact the size, so how she manages to fit herself into it is beyond me, but she does and then she walks around saying "look, I stink" it is soo funny. So lately she just wants to wear the hat that goes with it, apparently she also wants to sleep with it on too.
Okay so we will see you later. First I will be posting a thing for Jayda's birthday though.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Keira's Birthday Party/Nyah's New School/Keira's First Day of School/Hair Class for Girls

Okay, so I have not done the best job about keeping this thing updated for the past few weeks, so now here I have my multiple title with lots of updates;

Keira had her first birthday party with friends this year, she was soo excited!We decked out our house to look like "Hello Kitty" blew up in there

This was her favorite part, the part she still to this day talks about, the "Hello Kitty" cake. She still carts around the cake topper like it's her best friend.
We had a few of her friends over where we made "Hello Kitty" bows, so here they are with there bows on to look like Hello Kitty.
They played pin the flower on the Hello Kitty picture. There was half the girls that said they didn't want to play this game, until one of the girls said they would play, if they didn't have to be blind-folded, then the rest where okay with playing it after that.
We had a pinata, which they LOVED, and they each got there own present to unwrap, each one was wrapped from like 1-7 times and they took turns taking the wrapping paper off until it was un-wrapped and that person got to keep it, they liked that too.
Of course, we can't forget the cake, the best part according to Keira, only no ice cream since she doesn't like it.
Then it was present time, she loved all her gifts, probably because most of them centered around Hello Kitty.

This was her big gift from mom and dad, she is always asking to ride her bike, she of course insists on all the padding and the helmet every time. Letting her ride her bike is seriously exhausting to whoever is involved. She can pedal, but not without pushing the brake several times and then she can't turn around so you have to be right there with her to stop her or she will just keep going.


So, Nyah had started school back at the end of July. Well, a couple of weeks ago we got a call from Channing Hall, which is a charter school we have been trying to get Nyah in since Kindergarten. For those of you unaware, a charter school is like a public school in the fact that it is free, however they have smaller class numbers, strict dress codes, and I feel just a better over all education. The hard part is, they are based on a lottery system and really hard to get into, due to so many applicants and limited space. They did there lottery for this year in March and we never heard from them so we just assumed that she didn't get in and continued on with the local public school. So, it was a surprise to hear from them at all at this point. They said that they thought they had the first grade full, but there ended up being a few spots open now that school had started up for them.
Ultimately, I figured it would be Nyah's decision, of course we wanted it but I didn't want to up root her from her friends at her current school. So, she got home from school that day, I sat her down and told her that this school called and wanted to know if she wanted to go there. Her reaction was to jump up and down excitedly and say "yes, yes, we have to call my school and tell them I am not coming back!" So that was it we enrolled her in the new school and had to go out to get her clothes for the dress code. It worked out cause I had already bought her clothes for this fall, however I had not taken tags off, still had receipts, and she had not worn them so we did a sort of exchange of clothes I guess. We had to keep some of the clothes for weekends and dresses for church of course but it worked out.
So far we LOVE this school, they are organized, they have school and class websites, I can even pay for her lunch online which is nice. Her teacher is so nice and she loves her. Also, this school incorporates Spanish in with their lessons, so we where happy about that. The only hard part is that there is no bus so now instead of sending her out the door to the bus, I have to take her to and from school. I did find out, though that my neighbors little girl also got in so we car pool with them and we trade off weeks so that is nice. So, here she is in her school clothes ready for her new school.
We decided to take a picture of Keira on her first day of preschool this year, granted it's at grandma's house. She really likes preschool, it's taught by my aunt Robynn, all the kids call her "Miss Robynn" except for Keira who calls her "preschool" she is a crack up. It will be nice for her to be in a more structured environment I think, now if only she will listen to use when we tell her things that need to be done. (ha, ha fat chance).
So, I threw this picture in here since there wasn't any pictures of Jayda in this post, I didn't want to leave her out. This is how I found her the other day, I had been getting Nyah out the door to school and had her playing in her room while I did that. Well, on her changing table is all her blankets folded up. She pulled a bunch of them out and apparently fell asleep on them, I thought it was so cute.


So, my moms ward had a super Saturday for their enrichment and my mom signed me up to teach a class on little girls hair apparently she thinks I am an expert. No, not an expert just lots of experience with girls. So I did my girls hair in tons of different hair styles and took pictures, then I put together some packets full of tips, websites, and photos. Then I showed them some ways I organize there hair things, the products I use, and I showed them some basics on hair do's. I got most of my ideas though from websites so I really can't take credit, I am really not that creative I will see the hair styles and just copy what I see, whether from a little girl at church, or at a store, or on a blog/website. Anyway, here is just a few of the hairstyles I did, I guess it's just something I enjoy, which I don't know why cause it involves a lot of screaming on my girls part, of course they scream whether I just simply brush their hair out or do something super cute, so I figure if I am gonna have to endure the screaming it may as well be something super cute right.

So, there is our update, we have been so busy lately with Nyah's new school and taking her to and from school and then of course we have started dance and gymnastics. So, I have turned into a chauffeur, taking the girls wherever they need to go.