Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's A. . .

We had our ultrasound today and found out what we are having. It's a . . . .

Boy, in case you couldn't figure that out from his picture!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Poor Accident Prone Nyah

Notice the scrapes on her forehead and nose and of course the lip.
My poor accident prone Ny. So, this actually happened the week before Halloween, I get a call from the school saying that Nyah fell and hit her nose, it was bleeding and she was upset. Now, with Nyah, she has a Runia trait of getting bloody noses VERY easily. Her friend once hit her in the face with a stuffed animal and it caused a bloody nose. Now with this comes A LOT of blood all over it just gushes out. So anyway all I knew is there was a bloody nose and that was it. So, I go to the school to get her and take a look at the rest of her face (mostly her lip) and realize it's not just a bloody nose, which has stopped thank heavens but her coat has blood all over and she is still crying and upset. I then ask what happened cause she looked AWFUL and she said she tripped on the black top and fell hitting her face on the ground. I am thinking, "you didn't stop yourself with your hands?" Not to mention the black top has nothing to trip on. So basically she tripped on the flat ground and face planted without putting her hands out to stop herself. Her lip was so big she could barely talk, it was sad and that day we had to give her soft foods to eat seeing as her teeth were hurting as well. This poor uncoordinated child, I feel bad for her "accidents" which are frequent, she is VERY clumsy, hence the nickname Bella junior (any Twilight fans know exactly what I am referring to).

Monday, November 9, 2009

Witches Night and Halloween in Vegas with a Baptism

I got invited to this thing called "Witches Night Out" with some friends. This place called Gardner Village does it every year, where you come with friends all dressed as witches. It was so much fun, there was dancing and shopping and if you where not dressed up, you stood out. I actually got invited by two different friends, so I went both nights and had a blast. We decorated our hats and my friend, Rachel taught me how to do my skirt and I was happy about my costume, minus the fat pregnant belly, but you can't avoid that this year. This is the first night I went there was the 5 of us and we had way too much fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
This is the 2nd night, I went with my friend Rachel and a bunch of her friends and it was a ton of fun as well.
Okay so, for Halloween this year we actually went to Las Vegas because my niece was getting baptized on Halloween, so we went trick-or-treating there. By the way AWESOME trick-or-treating weather, you don't have to find warm clothes for underneath the costumes ha ha. We also went to this amazing neighborhood, where every house was decked out. They made the decorations I have seen here look like dollar store specials. These people go ALL OUT! They where all hanging out on their drive-way's having get togethers, passing out candy, some people where handing out what they call "sliders" which basically a mini hamburger out to everyone. This other house had this haunted house through their backyard you could go through. It was so neat, we had a great time! My kids picked there costumes. . .

Nyah was a witch, but it had to be a pretty witch, I was under specific instructions not to make her ugly.
Keira was a pumpkin which is totally her. She didn't want ANY make-up on so we had to compromise a little.
Jayda, didn't pick cause we had a costume for her, she is a princess, but added her own flare. Nanny brought vampire teeth for all the kids with her and this one REFUSED to take it out of her mouth. So, I guess she is a vampire princess.
Nyah LOVED going trick-or-treating with her cousins, she was so excited.

Here is all of us, Jared was obviously "Clark Kent" and I wore my witch costume.

Here is everyone at the baptism earlier that day. Nothing like going from spiritual Baptism to Halloween in one day.

We stayed in Vegas for a few days and one day we went to this casino that had this big sporting goods store and a HUGE fish tank, this kids loved it. Apparently they also have mermaids (real people) in there on the weekends but we went on Monday so we didn't see the mermaids. Nyah was very disappointed about that.

Jayda was mesmerized

After the fish tank we did the sporting goods and seriously who taught my girls how to shoot guns, this is just scary if you ask me. Of course they are very girly, even for girls.

Nyah with her cousins, Aisia and Addy who then showed her how to actually hold a gun.

Jayda just flings the gun all over the place, while Keira didn't have much interest in the guns. Seriously who taught them how to hold a gun. . .

We had a great Halloween this year, now on to the next holiday.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here we go AGAIN. . . .

Yes I know, this is overdue as plenty of you already know but it doesn't hurt for lazy people to make it an official announcement right? I am 16 1/2 weeks right now with a due date of April 4th. We are excited, a little scared to have our kids double us, but whats more chaos right. My kids are convinced it's a boy, especially Keira who says she is having a baby brother and his name is Hamburger, so there ya go. We shall find out shortly whether to get ready for a change with a boy or just do what we already know with a girl . Our official ultrasound is around Thanksgiving time, so we shall see. . .

Monday, September 28, 2009


Today our little "Shay, Shay" turned 2 she had a "Minnie Mouse" themed cake and party, she likes to call it "me mouth"
She was so excited about the cake we had to put it up high to keep her from eating it before we were ready.
She gave a VERY good effort trying to blow out her candles but they just wouldn't go, so mommy had to help out.
And, she finally got to eat her cake!
The presents she wanted nothing to do with, this was about as far as she got and then wanted down and nothing to do with opening them at all, she wanted the toys but nothing to do with the packages.
Everyone knows she has a shoe obsession, she will put any ones and every ones shoes on so she was very excited about all her shoes she got.
This was the one she was waiting for the baby that's all she wanted, she carts babies everywhere she goes.
With her favorite things, mommy, a baby and shoes!

Okay so I can't believer out little "shay, shay" is already 2, it went by way to fast for me! We love this little girl she is such a little crack up.


She LOVES to tease everyone, her favorite is waving her sister, Keira's toys just out of her reach and running from her so Keira will scream. Her other favorite is sitting next to mommy at dinner and right when her hands are at their messiest she looks at me, then reaches out grabs my arm to slime me and laughs. I am a little scared that she has picked up on teasing so quickly.


Her other favorite past time is to pretend she is an animal, she will crawl around on her hands and knees, sticking her tongue out, panting like a dog, she will come over to you so you will pet her, she will also crawl around meowing and want to be pet, my favorite is when she will walk around flapping her arms back and forth saying "quack, quack; quack quack"


This kid is absolutely terrified of the vacuum! I know what you are thinking, a lot of kids are, which is true I have seen it. This one all you have to say is "Jayda do you want the vacuum" and she starts screaming "no!" and starts to cry, if I walk by the closet where it is kept she gets scared and starts running. Now if we bring it out to actually vacuum she will run and cower in the tiniest spot or run to the closest adult wanting up screaming the whole time. One day she is gonna have to get used to it, I would hope right? She is also scared of most loud noises, she accidentally turned on our bathroom fan and if totally freaked her out.


She loves to talk and she LOVES to repeat things she has heard, you never know what she will say. Just tonight, grandpa was tickling her and she turned and said "gwampa funny" she says anything and everything she hears or picks up. Every time daddy changes her diaper he will always say "oh, stink hole" so she now when she is poopy will go around saying "tink ho". From having older sisters she knows things most 2 year olds wouldn't, the other week she picked up the "Hannah Montana" dvd, brought it to me and said "tan, tanna"


This kid LOVES to sing we sing with her all the time, she especially loves action songs and will do the actions and you will catch her singing the songs every once in a while if your lucky, the other day I heard her in the kitchen singing a Hannah Montana song she heard from her sisters all I heard was "got bet a bof wo" aka "you got the best of both worlds" it totally cracks me up.

She is getting so big, it makes me sad how fast it's going, she is my little baby and she really isn't a baby anymore.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


How did I get old enough for another 5 year old? She is officially 5 today it is the "Hannah Montana birthday cake" day! Any of you who know Keira personally have heard about "Hannah Montana cake" for at least 6 months now, she has been talking about it non stop. You can ask her questions an no matter what the conversation goes something like this;

mom; "Keira, how old are you?"

Keira; "4"

Mom: "and how old will you be on your next birthday?"

Keira: "Hannah Montana cake?"

it is the funniest thing, and now after the long wait the day has finally arrived and she is thrilled and we are not aloud to talk about any other birthday she will yell at you and say "no, it's Keira's birthday!"

We love this kid she is so creative and so funny. We never know what she will say, she is very unpredictable that way. She is also very random and will randomly tell you things that you are left wondering "how do you even remember that" like the other week we went to my mom's for dinner and uncle Blake was there in jeans and a t-shirt and she looked at him and said "bwake, why you wearing pajamas?" we at first were all like "what?" and then my brother remembered that the t-shirt he had on was a shirt that my mom had got him for Christmas last year to go with a pair of pajama pants and that is the only time she has seen the shirt, how she remembered it I will never know. She is also extremely honest and sure of herself, if she does something that will surely get her in trouble and you ask her about it goes something like this;

mom; "Keira, Paige is crying did you hit her?"

Keira; "yep!"

she will tell you exactly what she did in a tone that says "I did, it and if I had the chance I would do it again." It throws people off if they are not used to it, it is funny to see their reactions to her doing this. She has started preschool this year as you can see from a previous post, she still loves it so that is good. She is growing so much and is so much fun to be around. She has a love/hate relationship with anyone she meets, when you first meet her most people hate her because they don't know her and all they see is screaming and tantrums, but give it a little time and she will show you her creative and fun side to the point that she ends up being your favorite. We have been told by several different people "all your kids are cute, but there is just something about Keira, she is my favorite!" We are off to have some "Hannah Montana" fun more picts to come of her cake and her day!

Happy Birthday Keira, We Love You!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Runia's Summer Fun (PICTURE OVERLOAD!)

Okay so not posting for a few months is not a good idea when you take a lot of pictures ha ha. So here is an overview of what we have been up to this summer. I did each post separately to make it easier to see the different things we did instead of them being mushed all in one gigantic post. So keep scrolling the last one was titled Jayda's Dinner. So, here ya go. . . enjoy.

Nyah's Last Days of School

Nyah has loved her school and has met a lot of fun and new friends there. This one of the lasts days of school she had. Here she is at her desk. This is her 1st grade teacher Miss Lisa, who she loved.
She had a good time in first grade and enjoyed her summer and is now ready to go back to school in the 2nd grade.

Ballet Recital

Keira had her ballet recital in June. She danced to the song "That's How You Know" from the movie Enchanted. It was so cute and she did such a good job. This picture is one some friends of ours actually got of her at the recital I thought it was so stinkn' cute! Our little ballerina

I loved this picture I thought it was so cute.


Nyah had her gymnastics meet at the end of June. She really enjoys gymnastics and has come a long way. This is her balance beam routine. Nyah and my friend Becky's little girl Kailee, who also is in gymnastics.

She loves to pose for the camera, she looks so cute.
I have to give a shout out to my mom who came to support Ny and took all the pictures for me. Also to my good friend Becky who did Nyah's hair and make-up and got her ready for her meet. I couldn't be there because I was stuck at home with the Swine Flu, yes I did say Swine Flu and ironically we think I got it from the gym I go to, of all places. It was no fun I had to stay in my house and couldn't be around anyone, including my kids for a full week, so I missed out on this but thank heavens I have family and good friends to help out when in need. At least daddy was there.