Thursday, March 25, 2010

"JAYDA! WHAT THE. . . ."

So this is definitely one of those moments when you have two choices. . .cry, or laugh and take a picture. . . .

This is what Jayda did on Tuesday, I was getting some things done in the baby's room in preparation for his arrival and all of the sudden Jayda peeks her head around the corner looking like she does in the picture with a big grin on her face. I was shocked! Not even knowing what could possibly be on her face, I was like "Jayda! what is that?!" I didn't expect a reply I was just at a loss for words, but she spoke up saying "stick, stick" I then went downstairs with her, which is where she was, I was also watching her little friend, Tylie and those to are quite a pair, so I knew Tylie would have helped her out on this lovely art project, I knew Jayda, headed it up, getting the lipstick out of my bathroom drawer. So coming down the stairs to find Tylie and the lipstick I see my wall and was like "are you kidding me!" Jayda was quite proud of her creation, she kept on smiling and asking "whats wrong mom?" I would try to be stern with them telling them "no, no we don't do that" they would just look at me and smile then I would have to fight a smile, little buggers know how to work it.

So, as you can see Jayda was the worst off.

I was worried how I was going to get this off their faces and the wall seeing as lipstick is fairly greasy. I had to use make-up remover for their faces, luckily I had these pre-moistened face washing cloths that worked great! I also had this spray for the wall that happened to have a de-greaser in it and it came right off.

Unfortunately this is not the first time these two have done a lipstick massacre and they both are horrible about coloring on the walls around the house. We keep all the markers, crayons, pens, pencils, etc hidden for these events. I have resorted to just letting her color with her aqua doodle for now. I sure hope she grows out of this soon, I don't think my walls can take it.

St. Patricks Day

We enjoyed our St. Patricks Day, Nyah was talking about for a while before it happened. At her school they have a strict dress code, so they couldn't "wear" green clothes but they could do things to their hair, etc. We decided to color Ny's hair in front green with a shamrock on her face and she was so excited to go to school like this.We made sure we all wore green, the younger girls even got green Mac n' Cheese for lunch, which Keira was very leery of, but she did eat it, so I guess it wasn't to bad for her. Keira had seen Nyah and told me "mom, I don't want my hair colored", she then insisted on having an alligator on her face. An alligator Keira? Really? She even drew one herself on paper to show me how she wanted it. I must say no one can accuse this child of going with the "crowd" she definitely thinks outside the box.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Out of my kids mouths!!

So, in Nyah's class at school she has been talking about a boy that has been sick, which I am thinking colds, flu's, etc. Well, the other day she tells me that someone came to speak with her class about this kid and that he has a "brain something" she is talking about how sick he is and I am thinking what it is she is talking about so I ask, "do you mean a brain tumor?" and she is like "ya!" Then she goes on to tell me it makes him really tired and sick all the time, and that he won't be coming to school very often, then out of the blue she says "and mom. . .I think I have it, do you remember when I was so tired last night and I woke up feeling sick" I then had to explain to her that brain tumors were not contagious and that she in fact did not have one and that this is not common for kids to get. How do you explain to a 7 year old the difference between simply getting sick with colds, etc and chronic illness'?

So the other day I was sitting with Keira and she was talking about how I was sick with a cough, etc, and I was saying how she had a cough and was sick as well, she looked at me and said "mom, did you swallow a bug?" and I said "I guess I did, did you swallow a bug?" she looks at me and says "no, I swallowed a spider!" to which Jared asks "did it wiggle and tickle inside you?" and she says "no, it's scratching my skeleton!" I LOVE this kid she CRACKS me up! She is definitely an out of the box type of thinker just the mere fact she says skeleton instead of saying bones like most other kids, is funny. You just never know what will come out of her mouth.