Monday, October 6, 2008

Jayda's Birthday Party

So, Jayda kind of had 2 birthday parties. That would be because when we planned our Disneyland trip we didn't quite take into account that it was right during Jayda's birthday, we at first were thinking it was right when Nyah went off track, and later realized oh, and it's Jayda's birthday. So we had a party for her on Thursday night (the night before we left) so grandparents could get in on the action. We did a first birthday princess theme

I found these super cute photo tents online, so I put pictures of Jayda from when she was born up until now.
So, Jayda gets the prize for the best 1st birthday cake eating experience, hands down she was the best. So it started off, with a little taste testing. . .
Then she dug right in, just demolishing the thing. . .
And, it's destroyed, I don't know if she liked the taste of the sugar or the squishy feel of it in her hands better, she just like it all.
It ended in a HUGE mess, but totally worth it because we where laughing so hard watching her.
The fun didn't stop there we put her in the sink to wash her up and she totally kept putting her mouth over the faucet to take a drink, then she would have to spit out most the water because it was coming out way to fast for her to drink.
After the mess, it was present time. Nanny and Grandma sure did good jobs this year. This is one of the things Nanny got her, and she totally LOVES it, she wrestles it, lays on top of it, and bounces with it.
This was the extent of her opening presents, after this brief interest she was over it and totally not wanting anything to do with it. Nyah and Keira sure had fun opening all of the presents though.
This was what grandma got her, she loves this things and gets very upset when she is taken out of here.
So, this was her second, sort of party. I just figured she needed to have some fun on her actual birthday and since we were in Las Vegas during her birthday we just bought a quick cake and saved some of her presents to open there.
I loved that uncle Ryan was so willing to hold her so she could eat her cake (boy did he not know what he was getting himself into lol).
And here was the result of his politeness, (and that was just with one little piece of cake!)
Here is the cutest messy baby ever!
So we had fun celebrating Jayda's birthday, it is so weird to know that she is one, it went so dang fast for me. She is getting very close to walking, so oh ya more mobility.


The ZamFam said...

I wish we could've made it. I was thinking about her that evening! Happy (way late) Birthday Jayda!

Lost in a Secret Garden said...

Very cute! What a lucky girl to get 2 birthdays! :)

SmustysGirl said...

Ha ha! I love that last picture of her in the cake.. Such a cute little nugget.

Craig and Janalyn said...

What a fun party! I laughed so hard at the cake mess--- she is so dang cute. What a good mom you are! Happy Birthday Jayda!