Friday, November 13, 2009

Poor Accident Prone Nyah

Notice the scrapes on her forehead and nose and of course the lip.
My poor accident prone Ny. So, this actually happened the week before Halloween, I get a call from the school saying that Nyah fell and hit her nose, it was bleeding and she was upset. Now, with Nyah, she has a Runia trait of getting bloody noses VERY easily. Her friend once hit her in the face with a stuffed animal and it caused a bloody nose. Now with this comes A LOT of blood all over it just gushes out. So anyway all I knew is there was a bloody nose and that was it. So, I go to the school to get her and take a look at the rest of her face (mostly her lip) and realize it's not just a bloody nose, which has stopped thank heavens but her coat has blood all over and she is still crying and upset. I then ask what happened cause she looked AWFUL and she said she tripped on the black top and fell hitting her face on the ground. I am thinking, "you didn't stop yourself with your hands?" Not to mention the black top has nothing to trip on. So basically she tripped on the flat ground and face planted without putting her hands out to stop herself. Her lip was so big she could barely talk, it was sad and that day we had to give her soft foods to eat seeing as her teeth were hurting as well. This poor uncoordinated child, I feel bad for her "accidents" which are frequent, she is VERY clumsy, hence the nickname Bella junior (any Twilight fans know exactly what I am referring to).


Karrianne said...

I love the nickname. Sad! Poor little thing... but I can't help but chuckle a little. :)

Hope she felt better soon afterwards!

And... uh... hope that uncoordinated thing doesn't last forever... she's really not going to enjoy that in middle school and high school! :)

Eh... what am I talking about? She's a cute girl. She can afford to be clumsy. I'm sure she'll still attract a few boys (or vampires... he he),

Jess & Talya said...

Poor girl! I can't believe how big your girls are all getting.. and your expecting again?? congrats!!!