Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas & New Years LOTS of pics!

This year we where busy during Christmas, but we had a lot of fun. . .
We got to see Santa
I love this picture of Keira and him

Jayda was not impressed, just enough to take the candy cane
We built snowmen. She did this all by herself complete with a string cheese nose!
Of course there was a Gingerbread House which ended with sugar highs for all of us. MMMMM frosting is good!
Here they are "helping" daddy
We got to go to Nyah school performance where they sang fun Christmas songs.
Decorating cookies is a must. Jayda really got into it this year, it was so cute
Nyah did her tumbling performance and she was in HEAVEN! She could not wait to perform on a stage in front of everyone. She definitely did NOT get that from me.
So notice the size difference, sad to say that they are wearing the same size outfit here. Kailee's is a little big, but poor Nyah is to skinny to wear her actual size they all drowned her. Who has that happen to them, seriously usually leotards and gymnastics outfits are always snug, but Nyah will probably be forever skinny.
We went to temple square a couple different times. Here is the time we went with some friends and it was a lot of fun and crazy trying to keep track of kids.
Of course there was Christmas dresses, we got off easy this year. Keira and Jayda are wearing hand me downs and Nyah's was on the clearance rack, lucky for me that was my first choice and they had her size.
We recreated the nativity, with apparently 2 Mary's, although she says she was Mary's "friend" It was quite funny to watch the kids do their part, it was especially funny when our two mules started having push-up contests with the girls on their backs!
Santa mad his visit to our house, of course. Notice the Christmas tree? It's new this year, I wanted a pre-lit tree and I went with my friend Becky again to the "Black Friday" shopping and ended up getting that tree for $60, it was normally $279 so that was an awesome deal! We got other good deals as well. It is so much fun to do, I never dared go before but I have these last two years and it is so much fun! Not to mention the good deals!
Here is Ny's reaction to seeing that Santa came.
Here starts the present frenzy
Jayda was actually into it this year and wanted to open presents so that was good. Notice the dragon to the left?
Yes, the dragon is Keira, she LOVES these ugly costumes and wears them all the time, not that we have any but she always wants them, so I found some for her after Halloween for about $2 each, talk about good deals. This is what she looked like all day on Christmas, it was so funny, notice the giant head stuffed animals she is holding? That was the other gift she has been asking for since like September, they are named "Lulu" and "Tolee" they are from this cartoon on Nickelodeon called Kai-Lan, she never asks for the girl on their Kai-Lan, just all the animals. They are so weird looking, but hey who am I to argue with what she wants.
Here is the girls pj's that they get every year.
It was a blast, hanging out with everyone, here is all the girls.

Kiki didn't make it to midnight, what was funny is that she slept through all the chaos, us screaming "Happy New Year", the kids with the noise makers, the loud talking and laughing, not only did she sleep through it she did even move. Both Nyah and Jayda did make to New Years though.
Ready to count down.
We of course had to do our Karaoke
We played this game where you have to stick a quarter in your butt cheeks walk across the room and drop it in a cup, it was so funny watching everyone attempting this.

We had a lot of fun throughout all of the Christmas festivities and New Years! It turned out to be a nice and relaxing Christmas, we especially enjoyed the week between Christmas and New Years, we got to sleep in and just relax and do nothing. The only mishap was sick kids they all came down with the stomach bug, Ny started by throwing up on the 22nd and the Jayda got it on Christmas eve and hers was the worst she was up every half hour throwing up and only wanted mom to hold her. She went through about 3 pairs of pj's and 3 blankets we finally tried to have towels handy. She finally settled at about midnight and on Christmas she was over it and happy thank heavens. Then Keira got the week between Christmas and New Years. So that wasn't so fun but they all got over it quickly and it didn't spread beyond them. Anyway I hope everyone had a lot of fun for Christmas, until next year. . .well I guess that would be this year ha ha.


Karrianne said...

Butt Darts!?!??!?!? You played butt darts!!!!!

HA HA HA !!!!

Oh, I cannot TELL you how happy that made me to read that. This was totally our family-reunion/camping game. It's been MANY years since I've played a game of butt darts... but it's not a game you can really forget. LOL! I've never heard of anyone else playing it! How funny! :)

Lisa and Jacob said...

Wow you guys know how to par-tay!!! How fun, love all the pictures!

Jenny Campbell said...

Hello! I was just stopping by and your daughters are darling with their cute blonde hair! Your Xmas pictures warmed my heart- reminded me of when my siblings and I would open our gifts with my dad videotaping! Such a wonderful cute family! Hope you don't mind me stopping in!

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