Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well the Easter Bunny came, bringing oh so many sweets that sent the kids on a sugar high that lasted a few weeks I swear. They had fun though and that's what counts.The Easter picts in our Easter clothes. First is Keira, it was trouble getting this kid to give us an open mouth smile, she is at that wonderful I like to smile with my mouth closed age.Oh, Jayda she is such a princess and was dancing in this dress all morning long. She was loving this.
Nyah was just done with it all! Didn't want the hair curled, didn't want to wear this particular dress. She was okay with getting her picture taken (such a drama queen)!
This one absolutely HATED being dressed up and having to sit for pictures especially the group shots! He is one busy little guy!Here we have the many mishaps for the group shot, I think this was about as good as it was going to get.
Look at Jayda, if you are wondering what is up with her. Well, she decided that she was Rapunzel at that moment and was singing "flower gleam and glow, let your power shine. . ." she really gets into that song as you can see by her facial expression and the closed eyes. Of course Keira with her "closed" mouth smile! Connor oh so done! And, Nyah, you would think I wouldn't have to tell my almost 9 year old to look, but of course she is distracted.Really, Keira you had to grab that stuffed animal for the picture, I swear we are going to be taken over by stuffed animals if she keeps up her obsession with them. I have no comment about Nyah's face, it says it all.
We had a good time on Easter, lots of candy, nice clothes, church, Easter egg coloring and egg hunt, and of course yummy dinner. It was a lot of fun.

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Lisa and Jacob said...

This makes me laugh, because I deal with the same things when I try to take my kids pictures... They sure are cute though! And I love your little guy's birthday party - nice tats ;)