Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Digital Christmas Card

It’s been quite a year in the Runia house.  I guess with a family of 6 things are typically never dull.  It’s funny how quickly the years seem to fly by these days.  Here is how our year went for each of us:
Jared, is still working at IHC, he enjoys it, which is a really good thing, not many people can do accounting and not be bored to tears.  For us, it’s just nice to have a good and steady job.  He is a hard worker to, so that always helps.  He still works out at the gym as often as he likesWhich is usually 3 times a week.  I can picture him as this old man in his 90’s pumpn’ up those weights He will be going to the gym until the day he dies.  He recently got a new calling in church, he works with the 11 year old scoutsHe seems to enjoy it, right now there is only 2 boys in there with him and another guyOne of the boys rarely comes, so it’s typically the one scout to the 2 leaders ratio.  I think this boy will be earning quite  few badges with that ratio
Jessi (me), is busy running around taking the kids to and from school, running millions of errands, helping the kids with this, that, and the other.  You know, the typical mom thing of making sure everyone else in the family’s lives runs smoothly.  I saw a bumper sticker once that said “If I am called a stay at home mom, then why am I always in my car?”  It is so true, once your kids get school age, it feels like you basically live in your car.  The days where I get to stay home all day are few and far between.  We took another year off the “extra’s” again.  This will probably be the last time we can get away with it.  They really do well going to there little “extra” activitiesSo I am sure this next year we will just get that much busier.  I just got a new calling in church, I was bummed to stop teaching Relief Society, I really enjoyed that.  Now I am going to be back in the primary, teaching the Valiant 10-11 year olds.  I am excited for that, I have taught that age before and it really is a fun age.  They listen and respond and ask questions pertaining to the lesson, which is really nice.
Nyah, turned 9 this year.  She is officially what I call a tween.  She is growing like a weed!  Especially her feetShe is already in a women’s size 7, she can wear my moms shoes, which is just crazy for me.  She loves going to activity days.  She is my little social bug.  Everyday after school at pick up time, she is getting later and later, because she is in her classroom still, talking to friends or the teacher.  She is really creative and is constantly working on some sort of projectNow, getting her to work on her projects at appropriate times is another thing altogether.  She has gotten into trouble at school for working on her projects when she wasn’t supposed to.  It’s fun watching her, she is always thinking up different, creative ways to have fun with her siblingsShe really likes make believe, I think she would really like being involved in drama and doing plays, she thrives on stuff like that.  It makes me happy that she isn’t afraid to get in front of people and perform.  It makes me a little sad, watching her grow up so quickly.  She is at that in between age, where she still likes toys, but she is starting to like more electronic gadgets as well.
Keira, has had quite a year She turned 7 this year and started 1st grade.  The transition from going to school 1/2 a day to going to school all day was interesting to say the least.  We alway knew there was something special about her.  Something...unique you could say.  We actually thought for a long time that she possibly had ADHD or something because her attention span was so bad, among other things.  Well, this summer, after talking with a psychologist/social worker about some of her issues.  She had us take another route.  We had her school do testing on her and they agreed with us about her issues.  She qualified for an IEP (which is an Individual Education Plan) under Autism.  We believe she has Aspergers.  She hasn’t been officially diagnosed, but at this point I figure we are getting her the help she needs with the IEP without the “label” of being diagnosed.  The school will be giving her extra help in speech, reading, math, and social skills.  I will do another post all about this laterShe is still in love with stuffed animals and has dozens (the word dozen is a huge  understatement).  She has fun at school and she does have a few friends which is great.
Jayda, she turned 4 this year and got to start preschool.  She loves it of course!  She goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and is learning so much from there.  She is so funny and loves to go around teasing everyone.  She especially loves to pick on her little brother I keep telling her that one day he is going to turn on her and give her the smack down and I am going to let himShe lives everyday, in her own little princess world, full of cupcakes, party dresses, ballerina’s twirling, and Mickey and Minnie singing and dancing.  
Connor, he turned 1 this year, he learned to walk He is into everything.  His favorites are anything that is electronic He walks around with electronic things and makes sound effects for them.  His top choices are the vacuum, our electric mixer, and the blow dryer.  He loves driving on his little battery operated 4 wheeler he got for his birthday and he is actually pretty dang good and navigating that thing around.  He is starting to talk and say things.  Of course he won’t talk on demand, only when he wants to.  It has been so much fun having a boy in the house to change things up for us.
Well, that is basically what we have all been up this past year.  Definitely not overly exciting, but we love it.  We want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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