Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Nyah!

This year Nyah turned 10.
We decided to let her have her first big sleep over.
I remember having sleep overs when I was younger.
I asked her what kind of theme she wanted for her party.
She wanted arts and crafts at her party.
figured with that theme I would do rainbow colors.
With the help of pinterest, I think things turned out pretty cute.

Next was on to how many kids to invite.  
Nyah came to me with a list of 30 kids!
Yes, that’s right 30 girls.
I, in NO WAY wanted that many girls at our house.
First thing was first, we had to narrow down the list.
We narrowed it down to 17.
Ya, thats still quite a number of girls.
Her cake turned out pretty awesome.
It was 6 layers.
All the colors of the rainbow.
Not to mention, delicious!
I was proud of it.

We got to do arts and crafts.
There was  A LOT of little girls there.
We made wooden houses with scrapbook paper.
We made friendship bracelets.
We painted figurines.
It was crazy.
A lot of fun though.

THEN, there was the face painting.
Nyah really wanted face painting.
It got a little out of hand.
Thats what I get for turning 9-10 year olds loose with paints.

The sleep over part was pretty easy going.
There was playing and movies.
They weren’t to loud.
A success.

she got everything she wanted for her birthday.
There was jewelry.
A scooter.
A soccer ball.
A new book.
Not to mention some arts and crafts of course.
I think she had a great time.

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