Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nyah Ann Runia

Nyah was born on June 1, 2002, it totally fits her personality.  Her due date was on the 15th of June, it figures she would feel like she had to rush out of there on the 1st.  She tends to be competitive and always wants to be the top or the first.

She can be very determined when given the right motivation.  She had a fund raiser at her school where the kids that brought in the most amount of "pledge money" won prizes.  One of the prizes was a real American Girl doll and she wanted it really bad.  She had her mind set and she worked really hard, daily and she ended up bringing in the most money out of all the kids at her school that is a K-8th grade school!

She has always been really independent.  I remember that when she was a baby, she would be crying or fussy.  I would be holding her trying to comfort her and then finally I would just put her down and then she would stop.  She wanted to be down on her own.  She always likes to do things on her own.  Half the time I never know when she has a school project coming up or due, because she is totally doing everything for it by herself.

She is very responsible and I can trust her to babysit her sibling when I need to get some stuff done.  She likes to be in charge.  She loves helping her younger siblings, Connor in particular.  She is also really good to remember to take Bella on walks without me even having to ask her.

She is so creative!  She loves to do projects all the time.  She even will get in trouble at school for doing  her "projects" when she is supposed to be doing school work.  Last year for her birthday she even had an art party full of all kinds of projects to do.  She also loves to dress up and pretend.  When she was younger she would constantly be in dress up, she loved the Disney princess' and every year she would devote to a princess and want to be that princess and always dress up as that princess for the whole year.  Now, she is older and she still likes to dress up and "pretend" now it just comes in the form of doing plays.  She is involved in a place called Center Stage Players.  It's an after school program and they put on plays, she has practice once a week, they have to audition and then they put on productions at the Off Broadway Theatre.  She has done 2 plays with them so far.  Both times she got one of the main roles.  She just has a knack for this.  She is really good at memorizing her lines and she stays in character.  She is amazing at taking on the personality of whatever character she is playing.

This child has SO MUCH energy.  I wish I could bottle it and sell it, I would make a fortune.  When she was 3 I put in her gymnastics to help expel some of her energy.  She still is in gymnastics for this (among other reasons).

Center of Attention
This girl LOVES to be the center of attention!  She has no fear of getting up in front of people (hence the plays).  She likes to get up and bear her testimony in sacrament every month.  In primary, when they ask if anyone will give a prayer, she is the first one to volunteer.  She likes to give talks and do presentations at school.  I think she would live in the center of attention if I let her.  I don't know where she gets this from, because it certainly isn't from me!

Accident Prone
This poor kid is so clumsy.  We usually hear multiple times a day, someone will fall and then you hear her say "I'm okay."  Once at school she tripped on the blacktop, had her hands in her pockets, so she totally did a face plant.  It ended with a bloody nose and a nasty fat lip.  She gets bloody noses very easily, once she got a bloody nose because she got hit in the face with a stuffed animal.  On her first soccer game she every had, she got hit in the face with the ball and got a bloody nose.  Although, she gets banged up a lot from falling all the time, so far we have lucked out and it's just been bumps, bruises and scrapes.  She did once have to get a couple staples in her head, but that is it, no other stitches or broken bones, etc.  I should knock on wood when I say that.

Yes, this child is very messy!  Her room half the time you are lucky to see the floor and when I do make her clean it, she tends to try and shove things in her closet or under the bed.  We got her a folder this year for school to keep all her papers from school in, in her backpack.  Ya, the folder is in there, but the papers are still all over her backpack.  I think she is just so busy in "her little world of creativity" that she doesn't take the time to slow down and keep things a little bit neater.

She loves to read.  I will lots of times catch her trying to stay up, sitting in bed, reading a book.  She has lots of books she likes to read.  She loves the "Series of Unfortunate Events" books and she loves "The Secret Series" books as well.

Tall and Skinny
She is quite tall and skinny.  I always say she is like Gumby, someone took her and stretched her.  We always have to get bigger sizes because she is so tall, but then it will be so big around, it's a problem really.  When we don't have to worry about length, she can fit into size 8, when length is involved, we have to go with a size 14.  Ya, big difference, so you see where the problem comes in.

Well that is our Nyah.  She has been so much fun.  I love her.  I always say there is easy things and there is hard things about every child.  With Nyah what makes her easy is her independence and responsibility.  What is hard is that her personality and mine is similar in a lot of areas, (not the center of attention), but she is stubborn like me and always wants to have the last word in.  This makes her a bit argumentative, which can be very frustrating.  She is really bad about staying up way too late (just like me).  Overall though, we really enjoy every minute with Nyah.  

Here is a little slide show about Nyah for you to enjoy.

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