Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well, we officially stopped nursing Jayda and started giving her formula. It wasn't my choice really. We took her in for her 6 month check-up and at 4 months she weighed 14 lbs which is the 60th% and now at 6 months she weighed in at 12 lbs 15 oz which is the 15th%. I was worried about her weight because she felt so tiny to me but I didn't think she would have actually lost weight. Her pediatrician told me to supplement with formula and gave us a bunch of samples. The way he wanted us to supplement is to nurse her and then right after offer her the formula to see is she was still hungry. She would drink 4 oz of formula right after I would nurse her which I figured was not a good sign. So we had to take her back to the Dr. today for a weight check cause if she didn't gain weight in the last week then they figured it could be something else and would have to run some tests. Today she weighed in at 14 lbs 4 oz so she has done really well on the formula, the Dr. was just hoping for like a half a pound gain in the week but she gained 1 1/2 lbs!

I hated having to stop nursing, I mean really I am 3 for 3, Nyah wouldn't nurse after 6 months and would bite me every time I tried nursing her, she even drew blood a few times. So, we switched her to formula and she really liked it. Keira, I could tell my milk was running low because she would cry after I was done feeding her like it wasn't enough so we switched her at 3 months. So, I guess at least I lasted 6 months with her but it's still hard for me. I wonder if maybe I didn't eat enough and that I was practically starving my poor child. The plus side is, now I don't have to worry about her getting hungry when being watched by someone else, I can get out of the house by myself, go on date nights by ourselves, go to the temple, go grocery shopping without her so it will be nice but still hard for me to stop. I really enjoyed it but I figure at least I know this is a common trend for me so for future children I will plan on formula feeding after so many months so we can stock up on it.

It's been good for her though, besides the weight gain, she is a completely different child, she was always pretty content but she was my most fussy baby and now she is so much happier, I guess I would be to if I went from a constant empty stomach to a full stomach. So here's to more expensive grocery bills but more freedom and a much happier and healthier child.


The Zamora Family said...

Jada is such a doll. Even though she is such an amazingly good baby, you can actually go out and not have to rush home to feed her!!! Yay freedom!!!

Shanny said...

The same thing happened to me with Oliver! It's hard to watch your babies waste away to nothing all the while thinking you are doing what is best for them. I'm glad she is doing so well on the formula and she has started gaining weight again.

John & Nichole said...

I am sad you had to stop...but you definetly know the plus to all get to get out!!!! I thought she was just sucking you DRY because you have lost so much weight!!! You look great! I love your girls new haircuts...I need to get my girls hair done too! It is at the tangly stage...especially Kiali's. Hey how was fun I love getting out of town!