Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nyah's School

At Nyah's school, they had a patriotic program. It was so cute, I had to do some seious multi-tasking thought since I was the only one there and I was trying to video tape and take pictures at the same time, it was quite interesting. It's amazing the pictures turned out. The program was so cute, they sang patriotic songs and some of them had small speaking parts. One of the songs was "The Star Spangled Banner", Nyah was practicing at home and as I was listening I noticed she had a few of the words wrong, it is so funny but at the beginning instead of singing "Oh, say can you see" she sings "oh satan you see." I was laughing out loud over this one. She did a good job though and on the last song they sang "America the Beautiful" she wanted to sing it pretty, so she had a little bit of opera going on, which wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't louder than the rest of the kids and also tone deaf. She sang her little heart out, which got a few snickers from the crowd but she had a good time, it was great.
After the program, they got what the school calls "Crescent Cub Awards", so they each got a medal which she thought was wonderful.

I am one of the parent helpers at her school and go in every Monday, well since we are nearing the end of the school year, this last Monday was my last day, which kind of makes me sad, I enjoyed going and helping out and the kids are so cute. Anyway, I took some pictures of her class.
So here they during story time, all sitting quietly on the rug while Mrs. Morgan reads to them.
This is where all their papers that they take home are kept. They call it "The Mailbox". At the end of the day they all take turns getting their backpack and getting all their papers for the day.
Here is Nyah's teacher Mrs. Morgan, who Nyah of course loves. She is a great teacher and I was glad Nyah got to have her as a teacher.

Here is a few more pictures from their patriotic program. Look at the flag in the background, it's done in their little handprints, which I thought was so cute.
Nyah got to be part of a song where there was bells, so this is her "posing" with her bell. I was in the front row and she knew I was taking pictures so she just had to strike a pose. She is such a crack up.
So, now the kids are out for the next week so they can do end of the year assesment test for the Kindergarteners. They come back on Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day. Then they have the rest of that week and the next week, with Thursday being the last day of school. So June 5th is her last day. It makes me sad that she is growing up so much. She has learned a lot this year. She can now read and she loves to write notes to people. It will be weird to have her in 1st grade and going to school all day but it can't be prolonged. She is ready and will do wonderful with the transition into 1st grade. She already has a lunch box (curtesy of grandma). She is excited to move up. Oh, well at least I still have the two younger ones still at home and little. I will get to enjoy Keira with the preschool that I will opening up this fall. She will get to be in one of the classes so that will be fun. I must say though, it will be nice to have the summer break I am looking forward to it. The girls will be out of gymnastics, dance, and school, so the only thing we need to worry about is helping my mom out twice a week. Our lives will be at a slower pace, which will be nice.


Shamae said...

Oh that is so cute! I love the "oh satan can you see!" Classic. When my little sister learned that song we taught her that it was "Jose can you see?" We said it was about the mexican american war...she believed us. Our family still gets a good giggle out of that one.

Challey said...

Your kids are crack ups! I am so glad that you are keeping track of the crazy stuff that they say!

The ZamFam said...

From what I have heard, Mrs. Morgan is an awesome teacher. Crossing my fingers that she stays A track for Dallin!! K told me she had fun yesterday!!

Shanny said...

How cute! I can't belive that Nyah is going to be in first grade. I had no idea you were doing a pre-school next year. I'm not doing pre-school this coming year for Charlie but I'm sure I will do it the year after. Keep me in mind if you do it in 2009.