Thursday, May 1, 2008

Potty Training NIGHTMARE Chapter 2 "Diapers at Graduation"

Okay so I figured I would update you on our current status of attempting to get the ever so power struggling daughter of ours to potty train. If I was taking score it would probably be like Keira; a million, parents; 0. I have no idea what to do with her anymore. I honestly think she would be perfectly content to just graduate in diapers, not caring if she was the subject of teasing because that is her in a nutshell, she could care less about what others think, it's her opinion that matters and that is all. I foresee some scary teenage years with her, I only hope she will use her powers for good and not evil because I don't think she would fall prey to any type of peer pressure if she chose not to, no matter what was said to her, or she will try everything because she has to learn for herself, the hard way and she won't listen to what we have to say.

Okay so after trying every method ever penned on paper, and even googling more methods, I decided to go off the books since she isn't really a "by the book kind of kid." They say to never punish them for peeing in their pants, so that is what we decided to do, she wears pull-ups, she watched as I got rid of the last of her diapers. If she has an accident she gets time-out, if she uses the potty she gets her most prized possession "yummy's" (aka Star bursts). Well, now I feel like I am the worst mother out there because she gets sent to time-out like 6 times a day, we have been doing this for three weeks now, ya and I bet you can guess how many times she has used the potty yep we are back at the big goose egg 0. Three weeks, come on she's got to give in at some point right? We will ask her if she wants "yummy's" her response, "Nyah, goes potty and gets yummy's," which she means, that's what she does not me, so nice try mom and dad. Sometimes when she has peed in her pants after I take them off of her and have her sit on the potty, she runs out of the bathroom saying "I go to time-out now." She hates time-out, I do know that because she screams the whole time she is in there.

I was reading in one of my journals the other day and was reminded about her stubborn days of the past, like she wouldn't walk til she was 19 months old. We would try to coax her to walk by standing her up and holding her hands to walk with her and she would curl her legs up underneath her so she wouldn't have to. Also, when she was starting to eat solid foods, I remember with every single food we gave her, it took 6 weeks of giving her that same food every day, twice a day before she would not clamp her mouth shut and try it. She is still like that with food, I bought some strawberry and chocolate milk that was on sell this week, which Nyah of course thought was wonderful but Keira acted like it was acid, not wanting to try it. She still won't eat ice cream or Popsicles, if only she knew, right.

So, at this point I am at a cross-roads, do we continue with this "worst mom of the year award" by putting her time-out, or do we just throw in the towel and watch her walk to get her diploma clad with diaper on. I honestly just don't' know, I really am clueless and I don't think it will ever happen. And, so the saga continues, we will update with the next chapter, maybe a miracle will occur.


The ZamFam said...

Oh Jes, I am so sorry, yet I can't stop laughing. She is hilarious. One day she will stop wearing diapers, but I am sure only on her terms. I would almost stop asking/telling her to go and see what she does. Act like its no big deal. Maybe she will think, "Now that I am not being told what to do, I'll do it!!" It works with K.

Shanny said...

I still haven't started with Charlie yet because I have only heard horror stories. I really have to mentaly prepare myself. But if your sunbeam finally catches on I think Charlie will be the only sunbeam left sitting in his own filth. Who's the bad mom now?

Becca said...

Oh Jess, just know that you are not alone. Mikey was hard to train, he tried but didn't really get it and I ended up waiting until he was 3yrs 4 months and then he caught on like a house on fire. Like the above responder, I have to prepare myself to start training Austin and I am TERRIFIED. We are going on vacation in a few weeks so I am waiting until after that and then will give it a whirl. I really think that this topic is for every mom a nightmare at one point in their lives.
Good luck sweetie

Karrianne said...

I've heard a lot about this stubborn little girl. :) She cracks me up. Kadan is quite stubborn as well, but not as much as Keira. Bribery has been our friend during potty training. With Spiderman underwear and fruit snacks. He couldn't have cared less at first, but lately he's been more and more interested. With someone like Keira, I say give up and wait. Maybe reverse psychology would work? I don't know. Good luck!