Friday, June 13, 2008

Nyah's Party, Gymnastics, & Dance

Okay I know I have been slacking lately and am just now getting Nyah's party posted. Then, in my haste I realized I haven't posted about Nyah's Gymnastics show or Keira's dance recital either so this is a little bit of everything. Nyah loved her party, we had 8 friends there. I made her limit the number, last year I let her invite all that she wanted and there was 25 kids at our house, it was fun but I figure not every year can we do that many kids plus now that she is in school that number would have increased drastically as she wants to include everyone so since I knew we couldn't invite her entire class plus neighbor kids plus other friends I put a major limit on it. I told her, girls only since it was a "Tinker Bell" theme and then we invited all the girls from her primary class and I told her she could have no more than 5 girls from her class. We ended up with 8 girls which was nice. Anyway it was fun, the weather was nice and I think they had a good time.
Nyah with all her presents
I can't forget about my three favorite girls from the party. Nyah was so cute, she made sure that Keira was included in all the activities.
All the goofy girls that where there
Her cake, yes I get them at the bakery's. Baking is definitely not my strong suit, I have more fun planning the activities and fun for the party to worry about actually making a cake.
They got to make "fairy" headbands when they arrived
The girls with there fairy headbands completed
They also got to have a scavenger hunt with LOTS of "pixie dust", they got to collect things along the way that had to do with "fairy's" to fill their little prize bags, including their very own "pixie dust" on a necklace (I am sure the mothers loved that, as it was just a vile full of glitter, but it can get everywhere if opened ha ha). After that we played freeze dance where they danced like fairy's.
Then it was time for cake and opening presents. It went over pretty well and we had a good time.

Nyah has been in gymnastics since she was 3 and LOVES it, I thought she might change her mind when Keira got into dance since there was these cute little outfits Keira got to wear to dance, but, no she still wanted to do gymnastics. At the end of the year they have a show and they all get trophies. These pictures are not of her actual show, as those are at home on my computer and I had some picts from one of her classes so those are what you get to see. They had different areas they went to, to do their routines, they had a floor routine, a balance beam routine, a routine on the bars, and one on the vault. These are just part of her floor routine. She did such a good job and has really come along way this year. She got her trophy which is now her prized possession. They even had "judges" so critique their routines, it was so cute.
Here she is doing her cart wheels
Then this is her handstand

Now Keira's dance recital. Her recital happened to be on the same day as Nyah's party. It was a little crazy cause Nyah's party went til 3 and we had to have Keira ready and at her recital by 4:15 so we had about an hour to get her hair curled in little ringlets, in her costume complete with sparkles. We where really concerned about how she would do because at her Christmas performance she refused to have any part of it and wouldn't even go out with her class let alone do the dance, so we where naturally worried about whether she would dance or not. Well, she did. You know how when you go to a show like this and there is always that one kid that makes everyone laugh because of what they are doing, well, that is Keira. She did what she wanted when she wanted. She did parts of the dance and others she would stand there and look around. At the end all of the classes came out to take their bow, after while they where standing there the teacher came out to do her "thank yous". Well, Keira I guess got sick of standing there so she lgot down on her tummy and slithered her way to the front, in front of the teacher. This part I didn't see as I was helping back stage but I was told about it. Some lady even took a picture of her doing that because she thought it was so funny. Oh Keira what a crack up.
Here is our little ballerina ready to go.

This is her class doing the dance.
Keira didn't' want to be in that circle I guess
She did a great job though we where very happy that she had fun, liked and attempted to dance, it really was a big step up for her.


Challey said...

That headband idea was so cute! What a fun idea for a party.

The ZamFam said...

Ok Jess, your girlies are beautiful. Nyah's b-day post with all of her pics...too cute. Lovin' it!! Her party looked like so much fun. Aren't you glad its over now!!

Robinson Family said...

Your girls are so cute! We should try and get together sometime this summer.

John & Nichole said...

What a fun partee!I bet she just loved all the cute girlie stuff! How fun!