Monday, June 23, 2008

She's Here!!

7lbs 12oz 20"

Well, after a horrible labor lasting around 32 hours, yes I said 32 hours, my newest niece finally arrived in the world on June 19 at 4:45 in the afternoon weighing in at 7lbs 12 ounces and 20 inches long. She is so stinking cute, I went to Wyoming this weekend to see her. Her name is Kaija Kali Warren, now for all of you with the perplexed look on your face wondering how you pronounce Kaija, well think of Asia with a K on the front and that is how it is pronounced. Anyway, my lil' sister is recovering after the exhausting labor and enjoying being a mom.

Here is a picture of the proud new parents Karri (my lil sis) and her husband TyRell (we call him Ty). I did this picture instead of her holding the baby cause the poor thing is so swollen and I am sure would not appreciate a photo of herself on here in her current state.

This is my cute little niece Kaija, look at how much hair she has it's so cute. My dad has officially given her the nickname Pocahontas.
The first two pictures are some I took of Kaija for my sister. I was happy how they turned out, they are cute. Well, we are all excited for the newest addition to the family. Now we can await some more nieces and nephews coming from Jared's sisters.

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makinzee said...

At first I wondered how you and Jeremy had a baby with such dark hair and then I kept reading. That name is getting more popular, love it!