Friday, July 25, 2008

Cherry Hill

So, we went to Cherry Hill this last weekend and it was a BLAST! My family goes every year and camp there for a few days. We played cards and games the first night while the kids watched movies. On Friday we went to the water park and played all day, that night we went to the rock wall to watch everyone try to climb, Jared got all the way up and Nyah even tried and got about half way up before she decided it was to high and came back down. Keira played in the "Hamster Haven" a big play house like at MacDonald's with a pool of balls in the bottom. Jared wanted me to climb the rock wall and I was like are you kidding, first I would most likely fall not to mention my HUGE fear of heights, I was content to watch everyone else. The next day was more water park fun, Jayda by the way LOVED the water she started kicking the moment she got in and did not stop till we took her out. Keira was content to play in the kiddie area where she could run around she was a little apprehensive about the pool where she could not touch, Nyah on the other hand was in the love with the pool and going under the water with her goggles on. Keira did like the goggles and called them "woggles" she looked hilarious in them. Seriously, I am getting quite the collection of funny pictures of Keira she is known to make the weirdest faces or do the funniest things when the camera comes out. That night we went miniature golfing where Nyah would totally cheat her way through by picking up the ball to put in the hole, where as Keira was more serious about it trying to hit the ball with her club the whole time. At every single hole she would ask "can I try dis mom" she really had some fun though. Jared had to leave after like the 3rd hole because Jayda had, had enough for the day and wanted to go to sleep so he opted to go back to camp while I finished with the girls, but honestly as a parent at these mini golf courses with kids, well I was over it by the 7th hole and they have 18 holes, whoever thought of that, come on. After the 9th hole, which I was laughing on anyway because there is a dragon that opens and closes it's mouth which is where your ball is supposed to go well Keira got her ball through and then got right up the dragon saying "hey, you ate my ball, give it back" I was cracking up, but needless to say I was over the whole mini golf thing so after that I said "Okay all done, lets go" Nyah being the smart one was like but there is more golfing and I said "no, we are all done" then they where oh, okay and trotted along merrily. At least they had fun. After that we went home late Saturday night and we where very happy to be in our own beds. I love going there and it was a TON of fun, we can't wait to go again. Here are the pictures from our fun filled long weekend.

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makinzee said...

I grew up living by cherry hill and love that place--still looks the same! And so does Jared! Great flashbacks!