Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Reunion

So we went to Hanksville, Utah for a family reunion from Jared's moms family a couple weekends ago. It's a town with 200 people in it. It's VERY HOT and full of sand. The family reunion was a lot of fun they had yummy food including mutton and homemade scones with homemade jam mmmm. They had lots of fun activities and games to play, we got to ride horses and 4 wheelers. We played in the water and played water baseball where everyone started to get thrown into the pool with their clothes on, they even got Jared in which I got on video, it was funny. Almost everyone came with the exception of I think 2 cousins that couldn't make it so that is pretty good. I think Jared's grandma Joy was just beside herself with excitement, she loves having people there especially family, we love her she is the cutest grandma ever. In Nyah's words "I love grandma Joy, she is so cute, and big!" If ya, click on the thing below you can see pictures from the reunion.
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