Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I am doing this early, her birthday is actually on the 28th but since we will be gone I decided to do it today so I don't end up forgetting. So, wow, I can't believe it's already been a year since she was born, it went by so fast. It seems like just yesterday she was born, I remember having to be induced because our insurance only covered til the end of September and my OB said she was getting pretty big, so they induced me a week early. I was in labor for only 5 hours when she was born. She weighed 8 lbs 10 oz. I remember when I first tried nursing her, she latched right on like an old pro. She has been so much fun for us, she has the cutest personality and is always so happy all the time.
It was a rocky start when she was born, she was colicky and she had jaundice and ended up in the bilibed. We called it her "tanning bed."

After the first few weeks, we settled into a routine and she was so content and VERY alert, it was crazy how often this kid was awake.
Our little Care Bear
We blessed her in December
We got be involved in our stakes live nativity and we where "Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus." That was so neat to do, I loved it!

She would stick everything in her mouth. I put her in her Easter basket and she decided to eat it.

I love the sunglasses on her, it's so stinkin' cute.
Here she goes putting things in her mouth again.
Okay, I have no idea what she was attempting to do here but I was laughing at her. She kept putting her foot in her mouth.
We have a collection of some cute pictures of her sleeping she falls asleep pretty much anywhere and sometimes it's in some cute ways. Here she is with her blankets from her changing table.
Here, she fell asleep at lunch.
This was funny, if you look at her right leg you notice it's through the bars on her crib, so cute.
Here she is in her bouncer seat
These are her birthday pictures, she LOVED the cake and couldn't get enough of it, she actually picked up the whole thing to put in her mouth.
Our little ballerina
She was so done with getting her pictures taken at this point
I LOVE this picture she is so cute.

I can't believe our little Jayda is already 1, how time flys.
Jayda: sweet, happy, giggly, content, bouncy, curious, talkative, mommy's girl, loving, huggable, explorer.
That's what Jayda is to us, she loves to be held and talked to. She is very ticklish and laughs all the time when we tickle her. She gives some wonderful hugs and she bounces all the time, this kid would jump all the time if we let her. She is always exploring all over the house putting everything in her mouth on the way, I am always catching her with things in her mouth, I can't tell you the amount of times she starts choking on things. She is a total mommy's girl and wants me to hold her all the time, she gets so upset if I walk past her without picking her up and has the saddest cry ever. She also makes some of the funniest faces at random, I wish we could at least coax them out of her to get them on video but she is very random about it. We love our little Jayda and have enjoyed every minute of her.
Happy 1st Birthday Jayda, we love you!!
PS. If you continue reading the next post you will see we will be gone for a little while.


Lost in a Secret Garden said...

Very sweet - happy 1st birthday Jayda!!!

Shanny said...

Jayda will have the best 1 year b-day ever spending it in Disneyland. Have fun!

Doug & Angie Gray said...

She is so Cute. I can't believe her and Doug have the same birthday. That is three now that have the same birthday.

Zack and Jess said...

She is soo cute... & Hessie Jessie?? I'm gonna kill you haha. Have fun in disneyland!!