Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

I love Halloween, the dressing up. . . . .Picking the corn out of the corn maze instead of going through it. (Only my kids).
picking the perfect pumpkin,
paying for your very own perfect pumpkin,
Decorating the pumpkins,
Doing the perfect paint job, she never had a specific theme just LOTS of paint.
Eating the paint meant for the pumpkins,
Riding the tractors at the pumpkin patch,

mom attempting to get a group shot,
dressing up as a witch and rubbing any make-up mom puts on so my face just ends up looking dirty, put I get to be a cute colorful witch,
being the most beautiful fairy around,
playing with friends ALL DAY, in costumes and loving every minute of it,
finding out our best friend has the same costume as us,
seeing everyone else's fun costumes,
mom and grandpa John attempting to get a group shot and this was the result, (if you look closely you can see Keira right behind Nyah, Jayda in the bottom right corner, and my nephew Tyson off to the left), Oh well,
Seeing dressed up family members having fun all dressed up (my brother always has creative costumes!)
Cruella Devil & Where's Waldo!Getting treats stuck to our costumes,
Crawling around and looking so "stinkin" cute doing it,
and having the cutest little skunk a mom ever did see!
We had such a blast on Halloween, we got to go to some way fun parties, I loved seeing all the fun different costumes everyone comes up with (very creative), we loved the ward trunk-or-treat, and now we will be on sugar highs until New Years, I am sure, if only I could resist the mouth watering treats awaiting me, Jared and me probably eat more than the kids, poor kids go to all the work so mom and dad eat it, (they get plenty too, so no worries). I am excited for the upcoming holidays for trying some new recipes on Thanksgiving and of course Christmas, it snowed hear the other day and it made me so excited for Christmas that I listened to Christmas music all day, (Jared was somewhat less than amused).


The ZamFam said...

I love Halloween too! All the girl costumes were cute and Gaston's was nice and hairy! LOL! We'll have to get together for next Halloween too!

Robinson Family said...

Way cute pictures! You guys look great! I wish I could get Shane to dress up!

Lisa and Jacob said...

great Cruella costume! and I hardly recognized Blake!! Your girls looked so cute in their costumes! I am on a total sugar rush too...

SmustysGirl said...

You guys look AWESOME! Your kids are adorable and the pumpkins turned out oh so cute... even keira's lol

Arya said...

You guys looked so amazing. I am very impressed! Did you make the costumes yourself?

Taggart Family said...

How fun! The little skunk just cracks me up!

Shan said...

Those were great costumes. I like blogging too. I spend a lot of time listening to your music playlist. It's too good. ;)