Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whats up with us?

It's been a while since my last post. so I figured that I would update on everything we have been up to this past month.

Wedding Anniversary
we celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 9th of November. 8 years, wow that went fast it doesn't feel like it's been 8 years since we where first married. We didn't do anything special, my parents watched the kids over night for us which in and of itself was wonderful. I told Jared that I wanted to actually go on a real date not to the dollar movies so we went to TGI Fridays, it was nice to go to a restaurant with actual menus and not fast food or eating at home. We also went to the movies, it was so much fun to just spend time together without the kids it doesn't happen too often. I was looking at our wedding pictures and it's funny how different you can look, we both look so young.

I just decided to through in this picture of Jayda cause I thought it was so cute her eyes are so big. She is officially walking all over the place it's so cute to watch her she is a crack up.
Lights at Temple Square
On Friday we went with Jared's brother and family to see the lights on temple square. I love to see the lights they are so pretty. The funny part was there was a couple of news channels there, which we didn't think anything of really. We stopped to take some pictures and Keira was looking out at the lights and all of a sudden this news cameraman was filming her watching the lights. Anyone who knows Keira knows her personality and it was so funny cause he was right by her face and she wouldn't acknowledge him at all. I know she is thinking "I know you are there put I will NOT look at you" which this time is exactly what they wanted her to do, so later that night we are watching the Chanel 4 news and there is Keira looking at the lights it was so funny, she was thrilled to see herself on TV.
Here is all the cousins from l to r; Nyah, Jayda, Keira, Addy, Aisia. They have so much fun playing together.

The classic picture of our family, only half of us looking and of course Keira is one of the ones not looking.

Christmas Decorations
We got all our Christmas decorations out this weekend, it's nice to have it done.

I let Nyah and Keira put the ornaments on at first of course you could tell which ones Nyah did and which ones Keira did, Nyah tried to spread them out of course they only go up so high, Keira's are all on two branches just piled on them, they had a blast, I came around later and spread them out more.

Jayda was just content to play with the lights for the tree, I thought it looked so cute so I stripped off her clothes and started snapping pictures.

Black Friday
So I had my first experience with black Friday this year, I have always kind of wanted to go but never have. My friend Becky asked if I wanted to go to Walmart cause they had Barbies on sell for $5. I was excited cause they where ones I was wanting to get for the girls anyway, they where Diamond Castle, High school Musical, and Hannah Montana. So Becky comes and gets me at 4:30 we go to Walmart and we walk in and there is so many people as we walk past the electronics department there was some people there that looked scary, they where ready to fight for the things they where wanting, we where so glad we where only going for some toys. So we get over to the toys, away from the scary people and we find where all the barbies are at, the diamond castle and the High school Musical are right next to each other and then the Hannah Montana's are a little ways down further, they are right next to these cabbage patch babies that where only like $10 so we decide to divide and conquer, I was with the Hannah Montana dolls and Becky was with the other dolls, we where both just going to grab a handful and then decide later what we wanted. I was standing right behind the display so we couldn't see the front of them, the woman next to me had already made themselves a little pile of what they wanted so as to make it easier, so I started to do the same, then this Walmart worker walks by and tells me I can't touch the dolls until 5:00, he didn't even have walmart clothes on, so me being it 4:45 in the morning am tired and punchy so I turn to the women next to me and say "he's undercover" they started laughing. Then a little bit later the women were asking this lady that was standing on the other side of the display if they had a specific doll, and she looks to which I respond "watch out, don't let the Walmart Nazi see you" then she finds the appropriate doll and slips it over to them to which I say "now we are smuggling dolls to each other." I laugh now at how punch I was, then at 5:00 on the intercom system we hear "alright cut open the displays" I should mention that all the things that where on the sales where all wrapped in black shrink wrap. So once they mention it is 5:00 it was like a feeding frenzy, like dive, dive, dive. I grab my pile and a cabbage patch doll and am holding them tightly and running through the crowd like I will be tackled at any given moment, I go down to meet Becky who has her pile and we decide to meet down an aisle, we go down there and spread out our Barbies, then we choose which one we want and leave the rest there and go to check out. After that we where laughing so hard at all the craziness, we where comparing stories of what happened, I guess Becky totally got hit in the head and they were throwing barbies back and forth for which ones they wanted. We, then went over to Sams who had free breakfast, which wasn't too bad. We also went to Kohls to get a bunch of stuff and had to wait in this super long line to check out, it was fun though they had massage chairs half way down so we sat while in line to get some massages, we also met this nice lady we visited with while waiting, we went to Target for the dollar spot stocking stuffers, Keira will be in Hello Kitty heaven come Christmas morning ha ha. We went back to Walmart for a few things now that it wasn't as crazy plus we wanted to see if all the Barbies were gone or if we went through all the craziness for nothing, well it was a good idea to go early cause they where all gone every last one so it was worth it, not to mention I had so much fun going shopping with Becky, it was such a blast, we where both in pj's, I will not get up and get ready at that time of day, so if I scare any people by my appearance well, that is just too bad for them ha ha. I would totally do it again, I don't think I would do all my Christmas shopping but to do the few things I had was so much fun, plus free breakfast, you can't go wrong there. All in all everyone we came in contact with was super friendly and happy, it may have been cause we where having a good time and it was rubbing off, but I think most people where enjoying themselves, minus the scary electronic people we saw at first.
So that is what we have been up to for the past month. I am now ready for Christmas, our decorations are all up I am done with all of my Christmas shopping, I do need to wrap the presents and Jared needs to put lights on the outside of the house but I think we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Fun!! :) I want to do the Black Friday deal one of these times. ha But I just couldn't get myself up that early this year. Maybe next year when I'm used to being waken up all the time. ha

The ZamFam said...

We have the same background!! I love Christmas! Black Friday was out of control fun! I am so up for it next year as long as we promise to NEVER do electronics!! EVER!!! I am lovin all the pics you put up. A real "Happy Anniversary" date, christmas decorations, done with christmas shooping, and of course, J with the lights. I love that one. We should wrap presents together!!! Especially our prized black friday tokens!

makinzee said...

Ohh, I miss the lights at temple square--I don't think the Boise temple does any. I think every temple should! beautiful fam pics!

Lisa and Jacob said...

happy be-lated anniversary! and you do look young, but thats how I remember you! :) time flies! Thats crazy that Walmart lets you in the store before they're acutally "open" I bet that was nice to get out of the cold! Your girls are adorable, gotta love it when they decorate the tree on 2 branches!