Friday, December 5, 2008

Tagged. . .

So, I was tagged a few times a while ago and am now posting them, I usually don't forget. . .well okay I did, but then I remember later on so there ya go. I have more tags I will add later.

I search: Google for the most random things, it's seriously addicting
I wonder: If we will ever not have to worry about finances
I regret: Not spending more time playing with my kids.
I love: Jared and my 3 girls more than anything.
I care: If people are happy or not.
I always: Try to stay on top of everything I have to do (notice the word TRY)
I worry: that I don't do enough
I am not: musically talented, I LOVE music cannot play any instruments, or sing though.
I believe: The Book of Mormon is the true word of God, and reading it will bring you closer to Him.
I sing: To Jayda when she is sad (poor kid has to endure my singing "talent" ha ha).
I dance: with my girls in the kitchen to watch them giggle
I argue: when I feel I am right.
I write: in my journal on some what monthly basis and on my blog fairly regularly.
I win: paper, rock, scissors a lot.
I lose: my wrestling matches with Jared (like I stand a chance).
I wish: That adults required no sleep and kids still needed sleep until they are an adult (21), just think of all you could accomplish and how your kids would have a hard time sneaking out if you where awake to catch them.
I don't understand: why some people are always angry at something and always trying to pick fights wherever they are.
I can usually be found: at home or at my moms
I am scared: of heights and bees (nasty)
I need: my quite time (it's a very rare moment in mommy world)
I forget: lots of things, I call it the mommy brain.
I am happy: with my life, I enjoy everything about it and am grateful for everything that I have.

I tag; Ashley, Becky, Challey, & Aleesha or anyone who wants to do this.


Lisa and Jacob said...

Fun Tag! I haven't seen this one yet.

Nichole said...

Very funt o read about you! You are so cute...and a great mommy too! Loved your black friday stories!!! I did it a few times then realized I had bought way too much of junk and had to return alot...he he he!!! But I think I may try it next year...unless my bed is begging me to keep it warm!