Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I know, I know, it’s almost like a miracle that I am actually updating my blog. It’s like one of those things where you start to get behind on something and then things get piled up making it easier for you to make excuses as to why you shouldn’t do it. I have so many things I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps we could start at the beginning, or at least the beginning of my hiatus.

February: We of course celebrated Valentines Day; Nyah got to have her annual school party, while Jayda and Keira were at grandma’s celebrating. I got creative with my girls hair and I was happy with the results next year I have a few more things I could try with their hair. Jared and I got actually go out on a date for valentines (well technically it was the day before valentines but that’s okay it still counts in my book). Jared got to celebrate his birthday in February the big “34” ha ha. Ironically for his birthday he surprised me with a trip (I am still not quite sure how that works, shouldn’t that be the other way around, oh well). With our tax return money we ended up getting more back then I thought because Jared told me the wrong amount so I wouldn’t get suspicious. Well anyway we went on a trip to California for 4 days with just the two of us which was a total blast; we went to Disneyland, which I must say is so different without kids. I totally had fun; there wasn’t waiting in lines for princesses, any fantasy land, any stopping for potty or snack breaks or grouchy nap time schedules. We just went the one day and we got to do everything we wanted and then some it was so much fun, we even got enjoy down town Disney where I got my yummy carmel apple that I love so much. The nice thing is Jared got in free since it was his birthday and that is the promotion they are doing this year. We also got to visit Hollywood since I had never been there before. I must say though I am so glad we did this without our kids, that place is scary! There are a lot of creepy people that all try to get money from you. I doubt any movie stars come anywhere near that place. It was crazy! We did get to see a lot of cool stars on the “walk of fame”, and of course the hollywood sign and the cool thing, they where getting everything ready because it was going to be Oscar weekend so we got to see what that looked like, which was cool. We got see the famous “Kodak Theatre” that is seen plenty on American Idol. Then we drove down towards Malibu which was a fun drive to do, you go from total scary ghetto to BAM! Mansions, fancy cars, really nice, that was fun to see. We also passed by the LA temple which was cool to see. We also passed “Rodeo” drive. It was a really relaxing trip; we didn’t know what to do with ourselves on the drive it was so quite! Okay so as I mentioned briefly before about our tax return well we got a good chunk of change back this year which was way nice. We got a new front door any of you that are my neighbors I am sure appreciate this seeing as before it wasn’t even good enough for firewood it was in such bad shape, I love our new front door it is nice. Another thing we did was bought a year membership to Thanksgiving Point, my kids love that place and it’s nice to have some where to take my kids that is only 15 minutes and there is so much to do. So far we have mostly done the Dinosaur Museum since the weather wasn’t that great, Nyah did get to experience the gardens from a school field trip and it was beautiful! They love the farm though as well especially the pony rides. So it was well worth the money for my kids we love it there. My favorite thing we did with the money though is I got a new camera! My other digital camera was just a typical point and shoot which was fine; however I take that thing everywhere and have taken so many pictures it was starting to act up on me. It would turn on by itself (a little creepy I must admit). The battery would die quicker, probably from being turned on all of the time so I was worried that it would quit altogether and then I would be without a camera. I wanted a nice digital SLR camera and I LOVE it! I got a Nikon D60, it takes AMAZING pictures! I got a new memory card with it so I could hold more pictures than my last and the lady told me it should hold around 400-500 which was fine and would work, well she was wrong, my camera has a function on it that tells me how many pictures I have left and we figured out that I can take around 1300 pictures! That is so good I never have to worry about running out of pictures to take with the memory card. There are still MANY features I don’t even know how to use yet but I am getting there, it came with a giant manual to read. I would eventually just like to go to school to better my picture taking ability especially with lighting and such but for now I am happy with what I have.

So we got a new temple here in Draper and they had the open house at the beginning of this year through March, Jared and I helped out with it one of the nights which it was really fun, I enjoyed it. So in March we took our family through the open house, we left Jayda with grandma we figured she would be the difficult one. The girls did so well, its amazing being somewhere like that, even as children, they can feel the spirit. I was worried about how my kids would be, if they would be too loud or wouldn’t stay were they were told to, but they were awesome. Keira was even whispering and for those of you who know Keira know that, that is quite a feat! She did say as we went into the font room “mom, I am scared of the swimming pool” which was funny. The other funny comment of the night was after you go through the temple you go to this church near by for cookies and while we were there I asked Keira if she liked it and what her favorite part was, she informed me that she liked it then with a stubborn look on her face said “where’s Jesus?” We had informed her before going that this was Jesus’ house and how we behave here so she was sure she was going to see Jesus seeing as he was hosting this party. The minds of kids are so priceless! So as most of you know the Twilight DVD came out in March so some of my girlfriends and I decided to go to the midnight release which was totally fun by the way. Those things are a blast to people watch at! So we got our DVD’s and we had heard that there was going to be a character at the Riverton Wal-Mart, so we thought we would go and see if that was true, and it was! We got to meet Rachelle Lefevre who plays Victoria in Twilight, She was very nice, cute and super tiny! She signed our DVD's for us which was cool. That was a blast hanging out with friends till 3 am that definitely does not happen very often! The other thing that happened this month was Nyah decided she wanted to rider her bike without training wheels I thought for sure she would fall once and that would be the end of it. But, she was determined; she practiced every night for over a week and got the hang of it, now she rides all over the place. It almost makes me sad, she is getting so big. One other thing we did with our tax return money was enroll Nyah and Keira in soccer. The girls were very excited to get uniforms and soccer balls etc. Nyah on her first game got initiated into it. She got hit in the face with the soccer ball creating a nice bloody nose picture and a lot of crying. She was a trooper though she got right back in there and played the rest of the game. She has come a long way. Since then, her coach offered the girls anyone who scored a goal they would get $2. So Nyah after that went and scored her first goal she was so excited as were we, she went and spent the money at the dollar store and really enjoyed it, she loves soccer and is getting better and better, Keira on the other hand is quite the pill as always. You see in soccer they have 4 quarters which are 10 minutes each (at least for the kids) we are supposed to have 4 players on the field for the younger ages, on Keira’s team there is 8 kids so they rotate out and only end having to play 2 of the 4 quarters. Keira will only last about 60 seconds of her 10 minute quarter before she is sidetracked and wont play. At first she would get sidetracked and then she would get mad when the other kids got to kick the ball, she thought they where playing some creepy game of keep away, she would then plop herself down on the middle of the field and scowl at everyone, that was quite funny to watch and then one of the last games, I don’t know if she finally caught on to what she was supposed to do but she played the WHOLE time! Then when it came time for the second time she was supposed to play she decided she was going to be the entertainment for the crowd. She stopped in front of us got down on her knees and would bow up and down, I don’t know if she was praying to ally baba or what who knows, then she would do these strange dance moves they all said she needs to be the cheer leader. We luckily got the whole thing on video; I am still documenting her days ha ha. So needless to say soccer with Keira was just plain exhausting! Always trying to get her to play, with her and any type of extra thing I feel it’s almost like a process of elimination. We tried gymnastics and she just started jumping off furniture at home plus she hated them trying to “teach” her to do something, she didn’t want to be touched. Then we tried dance which she liked at first but she was the kid that all the other parents laugh at cause she wont do the routine like they are supposed she was always in her own little Keira world and now she doesn’t even want to go to dance and gets mad at me every time it’s time to go. Now we have tried soccer and well that was just crazy with her. She really isn’t a team player; she likes to do her own thing really. Next we are going to try baking, they have a cooking place where they teach kids to cook and read stories and that might be right down her alley.

So of course we celebrated Easter this month. The girls had a great time coloring eggs and hunting for them. We had some FHE lessons on the resurrection before Easter came and we had them watch a movie about it from the distribution center and I feel like for the first time they both got it, the whole purpose of Easter and why we have it, it was so cool having even Keira explain it to us. So of course we got them their Easter dresses courtesy of grandma and we took pictures of them in their dresses. Of course it’s impossible to get all three of them where they are all at least looking at the camera, they don’t even have to smile for me as long as they all look that would be great but there is always somebody not looking uggh, the pleasure of being a mother. So I got some sponge curlers for their hair I remember many times of getting my hair put in curlers on Saturday nights so for Sundays it would be curly. I got a bigger one so the curls would be loose and look like we did them with a curling iron, and it worked perfect, it cuts down so much time getting ready Sunday morning with all these girls. If you look at their Easter pictures that is sort of what the curls look like after being taken out. Very good purchase on my part!

So this month I did something that made me very sad! We officially took down Jayda’s crib and changing table and put a toddler bed in her room. She loves her big girl bed and thinks she is big stuff. It makes me sad to see her grow up so fast, she looks so stinkn’ cute in there. She loves to climb over the back of her bed and all over it.
Now if only she would sleep well in there. She has done AMAZINGLY well with staying in her bed when I put her in there, however she falls out of her bed multiple times a night and as you can see there is side rails. We will find her in some of the craziest positions at night; I swear this kid is like a pin ball when she sleeps. Now we have some random things that have happened over the months and as I was going through my pictures I noticed that there was not many of Nyah which made me feel bad but then I realized that these pictures where all taken at times when she was at school I think that is why there isn’t any of her she spends most of her time at school so she is not around to get pictures of. We will just have to work harder to get pictures of her when she is home. So we have our little “Holly Hobby” this kid LOVES hats, and glasses and shoes and will keep on whatever we put on her, a lot of the time she brings things to us to put on her.
These we got the girls for the pool this summer and Keira calls them “gobbles” she loves them, not that she will put her face in the water to find out what they are for ha ha. This is our mad scientist coloring her master piece. She cracks me up with things she comes up with! This is what I walked in on the other week right after breakfast apparently she decided she wasn’t done yet!

Okay so that is what we have been up to for the past several months, it has been fun, crazy, and busy. We are looking forward to a nice relaxing summer where I don’t have to take my kids to this and that and we can sit by the pool soaking up the sun. Here is to me actually keeping this thing up to date and not having to post something that is this long!!!


Lisa and Jacob said...

Wow its too to have you back!!!! You've been very busy!

I want to go to Disneyland with out the kids, its been 8 years since we've been alone. I'm just afraid I'd miss them....

Amy said...

Dang- now that was a super-post. I was wondering what was going on with you since I NEVER see you! LOL!

Karri Warren said...

Wow, I feel as though I have just finished a novel. :) lol. I love hearing all the stories. :) Even though I hear most of them over the phone. :) I just love seeing the pictures of my neices in action. :)

The ZamFam said...

OMG!! You actually put up a new post! Wow!! Since I've heard the stories or witnessed them first hand, it was nice to see the pictures! Now, as for

Amy said...

Oh and also you should NEVER title a post "Guess What".. Dirty rumors get started that way! LOL!

SmustysGirl said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you have Jayda in a toddler's bed already! Olly's still in his crib! haha, I think I'm in denial that my last baby is getting so big :( sniff sniff

Karrianne said...

Holy cow! This was quite the update! But it was fun to read. Yup... best three hours I ever spent. ;)

I'm so excited for OUR Disney trip! It's going to be awesome.