Monday, June 1, 2009


Wow were does the time go! It seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital, and yet another year has passed us by. She is officially 7 years old. This year when asking what she wanted for her birthday her list was something like this; American Girl Doll, Nintendo DS (a DS, is she crazy she clearly doesn’t know how much they cost ha ha), a necklace, and a webkin. When did she get to the point where she stopped asking for toys? It’s so weird for me.

She is such a sweet girl and an ultimate mother I think that is her calling in life; she loves to play mother to her younger sisters, Keira and Jayda. She is always making sure to help them if they need help or make sure they aren’t doing anything that would get them into trouble. She has really grown this year and I don’t just mean physically. We like to call her “Bella” from “Twilight” since she trips over her own feet, however this year it’s almost as if she has finally grown into those feet, she is so much more balanced now and has done really well in Soccer and Gymnastics this year. She is compassionate, kind, always thinking of others, social, friendly, just to name a few of her qualities. She is also our ultimate GIRL, she LOVES clothes, in fact I took her to the store Justice and you would have thought I took her to heaven I couldn’t get her out of there ha ha. She loves anything girly; she would wear dresses everyday if I would let her. She has really come along in school too this year she is always reading, I will catch her at night reading the Book of Mormon in bed. She really likes to read chapter books especially The American Girl series.

This year for her birthday I informed her that we were not doing a party, she could have parties with friends every other year. I told her she could choose an activity and we would do that as a family. She wanted to go swimming at the pool, easy enough we have an awesome pool at my gym I go to. So on Saturday we told people we were going to the pool so some of them met us there and we all went swimming and it was a blast. She loves the water, you can’t get her out. Then for today I decided to surprise her with a few decorations and her presents when she woke up so we did that and she loved it. She had school today and I sent her so she would think it would be just like a normal day. Well, I was planning on surprising her again by checking her out just before lunch. I did, and she was so excited, we (just the two of us) went to lunch, I let her pick and she wanted to go the place with the giant ice creams, Iceberg. So we went there and ate and she got a strawberry shake that we shared. After I took her to the movies and she loved that, although it’s hard taking her to the movies, she is a “chatty Kathy” and will not stop talking and asking questions. After that we came home and after dinner we had some family and friends over for cake, ice-cream and presents! That is the best part of the birthday right? She loved every minute of it. She wanted a cake with water on it this year since we had gone to the pool so we did the Hawaiian theme, I always have them made that is not something I can do is making cakes I can be crafty in other areas but not that so thanks to the Wal-Mart bakery we got a cute cake. So after it was present time where she got everything she asked for her “Nintendo Ds”, at least mommy and daddy’s budget version although she calls it her DS so I am so glad she is satisfied with that, she got a new “American Girl” doll (again mommy and daddy’s generic version) she doesn’t know the difference for now so that is good. All in all I think she had a good time on her birthday.

Her "DS"

American Girl Doll

She has to try on any new
Clothes she gets.



Anonymous said...

How fun! I remember when she was just born too. How time flies. So crazy!

Karri Warren said...

Oh! That is so cute. She is such a little stinker. I love it. :) I can't beleive how old she is getting! She grows so much every day. She is no longer a kid anymore...she is like a pre-tween. :) Little Cutie Girl.

Robinson Family said...

Wow I can't believe you have a 7 year old! Happy birthday Nyah!

The ZamFam said...

Happy Birthday Nyah!! You are a fun little girl! I hope you had a fun birthday!!! PS, you lucked out with all your presents!!! I do have to say that dress looks pretty darn cute on you!!

SmustysGirl said...

Happy Birthday to Nyah! She is SUCH a cute girl! I love when she and Kaylee can play together because I know Kaylee's like "FINALLY! Someone who will play girl things with me!" She probably gets the talking in movies thing from your mom lol

Nichole said...

Cute girl! :)

It was fun seeing you the other day...we should get together before I go home...park or GNO!