Monday, September 28, 2009


Today our little "Shay, Shay" turned 2 she had a "Minnie Mouse" themed cake and party, she likes to call it "me mouth"
She was so excited about the cake we had to put it up high to keep her from eating it before we were ready.
She gave a VERY good effort trying to blow out her candles but they just wouldn't go, so mommy had to help out.
And, she finally got to eat her cake!
The presents she wanted nothing to do with, this was about as far as she got and then wanted down and nothing to do with opening them at all, she wanted the toys but nothing to do with the packages.
Everyone knows she has a shoe obsession, she will put any ones and every ones shoes on so she was very excited about all her shoes she got.
This was the one she was waiting for the baby that's all she wanted, she carts babies everywhere she goes.
With her favorite things, mommy, a baby and shoes!

Okay so I can't believer out little "shay, shay" is already 2, it went by way to fast for me! We love this little girl she is such a little crack up.


She LOVES to tease everyone, her favorite is waving her sister, Keira's toys just out of her reach and running from her so Keira will scream. Her other favorite is sitting next to mommy at dinner and right when her hands are at their messiest she looks at me, then reaches out grabs my arm to slime me and laughs. I am a little scared that she has picked up on teasing so quickly.


Her other favorite past time is to pretend she is an animal, she will crawl around on her hands and knees, sticking her tongue out, panting like a dog, she will come over to you so you will pet her, she will also crawl around meowing and want to be pet, my favorite is when she will walk around flapping her arms back and forth saying "quack, quack; quack quack"


This kid is absolutely terrified of the vacuum! I know what you are thinking, a lot of kids are, which is true I have seen it. This one all you have to say is "Jayda do you want the vacuum" and she starts screaming "no!" and starts to cry, if I walk by the closet where it is kept she gets scared and starts running. Now if we bring it out to actually vacuum she will run and cower in the tiniest spot or run to the closest adult wanting up screaming the whole time. One day she is gonna have to get used to it, I would hope right? She is also scared of most loud noises, she accidentally turned on our bathroom fan and if totally freaked her out.


She loves to talk and she LOVES to repeat things she has heard, you never know what she will say. Just tonight, grandpa was tickling her and she turned and said "gwampa funny" she says anything and everything she hears or picks up. Every time daddy changes her diaper he will always say "oh, stink hole" so she now when she is poopy will go around saying "tink ho". From having older sisters she knows things most 2 year olds wouldn't, the other week she picked up the "Hannah Montana" dvd, brought it to me and said "tan, tanna"


This kid LOVES to sing we sing with her all the time, she especially loves action songs and will do the actions and you will catch her singing the songs every once in a while if your lucky, the other day I heard her in the kitchen singing a Hannah Montana song she heard from her sisters all I heard was "got bet a bof wo" aka "you got the best of both worlds" it totally cracks me up.

She is getting so big, it makes me sad how fast it's going, she is my little baby and she really isn't a baby anymore.



Karri Warren said...

AHHH! Baby Shay Shay. She is so cute. I Hope that she had a happy birthday. I sure do love all ur girls.

The ZamFam said...

Sweet little girl!!! She is adorable (as she is playing with pollys and totally distracted that Ty has her baby and long will that last?) She is so stinking cute!!! Love that baby! Happy Birthday Shay Shay!!!!

PS. spoke too soon! She's chasing Ty around. lol

Shamae said...

She is 2!! Oh my gosh! She has gotten so big! She is adorable!