Wednesday, August 19, 2009


How did I get old enough for another 5 year old? She is officially 5 today it is the "Hannah Montana birthday cake" day! Any of you who know Keira personally have heard about "Hannah Montana cake" for at least 6 months now, she has been talking about it non stop. You can ask her questions an no matter what the conversation goes something like this;

mom; "Keira, how old are you?"

Keira; "4"

Mom: "and how old will you be on your next birthday?"

Keira: "Hannah Montana cake?"

it is the funniest thing, and now after the long wait the day has finally arrived and she is thrilled and we are not aloud to talk about any other birthday she will yell at you and say "no, it's Keira's birthday!"

We love this kid she is so creative and so funny. We never know what she will say, she is very unpredictable that way. She is also very random and will randomly tell you things that you are left wondering "how do you even remember that" like the other week we went to my mom's for dinner and uncle Blake was there in jeans and a t-shirt and she looked at him and said "bwake, why you wearing pajamas?" we at first were all like "what?" and then my brother remembered that the t-shirt he had on was a shirt that my mom had got him for Christmas last year to go with a pair of pajama pants and that is the only time she has seen the shirt, how she remembered it I will never know. She is also extremely honest and sure of herself, if she does something that will surely get her in trouble and you ask her about it goes something like this;

mom; "Keira, Paige is crying did you hit her?"

Keira; "yep!"

she will tell you exactly what she did in a tone that says "I did, it and if I had the chance I would do it again." It throws people off if they are not used to it, it is funny to see their reactions to her doing this. She has started preschool this year as you can see from a previous post, she still loves it so that is good. She is growing so much and is so much fun to be around. She has a love/hate relationship with anyone she meets, when you first meet her most people hate her because they don't know her and all they see is screaming and tantrums, but give it a little time and she will show you her creative and fun side to the point that she ends up being your favorite. We have been told by several different people "all your kids are cute, but there is just something about Keira, she is my favorite!" We are off to have some "Hannah Montana" fun more picts to come of her cake and her day!

Happy Birthday Keira, We Love You!!!


Missy said...

Happy Birthday Hannah Ontana! Can't wait to see pictures from Powell, because let's face it, that WAS the summer, right?

Lisa and Jacob said...

So where's pics of this "cake"?! Thats what its all about right?! Happy birthday Keira! Love the stories about her... kids have their own personalities, so cute!

Karrianne said...

Wow, she's 5! Kadan will be there in about 6 months...

Hmmm... we just seem to keep having our kids within months of each other... (hint hint) ;)