Thursday, March 25, 2010

"JAYDA! WHAT THE. . . ."

So this is definitely one of those moments when you have two choices. . .cry, or laugh and take a picture. . . .

This is what Jayda did on Tuesday, I was getting some things done in the baby's room in preparation for his arrival and all of the sudden Jayda peeks her head around the corner looking like she does in the picture with a big grin on her face. I was shocked! Not even knowing what could possibly be on her face, I was like "Jayda! what is that?!" I didn't expect a reply I was just at a loss for words, but she spoke up saying "stick, stick" I then went downstairs with her, which is where she was, I was also watching her little friend, Tylie and those to are quite a pair, so I knew Tylie would have helped her out on this lovely art project, I knew Jayda, headed it up, getting the lipstick out of my bathroom drawer. So coming down the stairs to find Tylie and the lipstick I see my wall and was like "are you kidding me!" Jayda was quite proud of her creation, she kept on smiling and asking "whats wrong mom?" I would try to be stern with them telling them "no, no we don't do that" they would just look at me and smile then I would have to fight a smile, little buggers know how to work it.

So, as you can see Jayda was the worst off.

I was worried how I was going to get this off their faces and the wall seeing as lipstick is fairly greasy. I had to use make-up remover for their faces, luckily I had these pre-moistened face washing cloths that worked great! I also had this spray for the wall that happened to have a de-greaser in it and it came right off.

Unfortunately this is not the first time these two have done a lipstick massacre and they both are horrible about coloring on the walls around the house. We keep all the markers, crayons, pens, pencils, etc hidden for these events. I have resorted to just letting her color with her aqua doodle for now. I sure hope she grows out of this soon, I don't think my walls can take it.


Karrianne said...

AH HAHAHAHAH!!! Oh my GOSH!!! She is just COVERED!!!!!

oh man... :) too cute (I suppose if you aren't the one who has to clean it all up... lol!)

Zack dumped out a bottle of nail polish all over his toes and the floor... that stuff's HORRIBLE to have to clean up! But at least it only happened once.

Good luck hiding all their tools for mischeif. : )

SmustysGirl said...

Jayda is looking more like you every day! Olly did the same thing with lipstick the other day.... only it was black halloween lipstick and it got on the carpet. He, too, was very proud of the pretty he made. haha, kids.

Anonymous said...
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Lisa and Jacob said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!! Seriously, I would die!! They look so innocent too! I have a couple neices that eat chapstick and lipstick once they get ahold of it. gross. Also love the green art work! Nice alligator!

Robynn said...

That is Hillarious!! You have to save that in a scrapbook for her! Simply Priceless!!

Missy said...

LOVE IT!!! When did she get so big?