Saturday, March 19, 2011

Disneyland 2011


We were so excited to get to Disneyland and we had 5 fun filled days planned in California.
First things first. We got to see some characters. Jayda was in LOVE with Minnie Mouse. We saw her a few times and every time she just kept hugging her and had a HUGE smile on her face.
Next was Keira's favorite; Dale. She loves him and talks about him all the time. Although she had the names mixed up she actually talked about "ship" all the time but she kept referring to the red nose ha ha.
After a fun-filled day with a whole lot of rides, we ended it with the firework show. They actually have a show they do on "It's a small world" like video clips and what not and then they have the fireworks, plus the fireworks for the castle going at the same time so it's like surround sound fireworks, it was pretty cool.

On our 2nd fun-filled day, we started the day off with "Breakfast with the Characters" If you haven't done this before, I suggest you do it. The breakfast is buffet style and it's really yummy food. Plus, there is a bunch of characters going around to all the tables signing autographs and posing for pictures with you. It's a lot of fun. The characters are usually different, this time we saw Gipetto, Eeyore, Tigger, The fairy godmother from Cinderella, Br'er Fox, Chip, Dale, Max (Goofy's son), and of course Minnie Mouse who is always there.

Gipetto actually sat down at our table and acted like he was eating.
Connor tried to grab Gipetto's glasses right off his face.
Next, it was on to the princess' We bought a dress for Jayda to wear. We figured we did it once before for Ny and Keira, so it was only fair to let Jayda have her turn. She LOVED it, of course, she practically lives in dress-up at home.
We got to see Snow White (one of Jayda's favorites). Look at Nyah ha ha. We went with some friends and that was their son Braiden, they spent the week trying to bug the other and they succeeded.

Next, we saw Ariel.
and last was the fairy godmother again. I think she had just come from the breakfast we were at. So we saw her a 2nd time. She was super cute though and Jayda really liked her.
Next was who Jayda was dressed up as. Rapunzel. She was super cute and they had her hair draped all over that room, it was pretty cool.DAY 3

On our 3rd day, we decided to spend it, having fun at the pool, the beach, and resting. (The resting part was for mom and dad). I took the kids to the pool while Jared took a nap with Connor. Then Jared took them all to the beach while I took a nap. It was MUCH needed.

The kids had fun though. It was overcast this day, so it was a good thing that pool was heated.

I love how there is Mickey Mouse heads every where you look, it's fun looking for them all.
On our 4th day, we went on over to California Adventure to enjoy their rides. Here is my favorite popsicle stick benches they have in "A Bugs Land" I think I have a picture of every one of my kids on these. Connor was like this all week, I think every picture I took of him he had this HUGE grin on his face.

Keira LOVED spending the week with her best friend Paige and going on ALL the rides together.
Connor wasn't so sure about this guy, he was big and hairy. No nose to chew on, no glasses to pull off the face, that means a no go.
Next, we went to have lunch with the princess'. It's really fancy and good food. You also get to see 5 different princess' so that is fun. We did this one year for Ny and Keira, so I wanted Jayda to have this experience when she was still young enough to really enjoy it. The desserts were VERY good, the shell and the Ariel stand were white chocolate, mmmm!
It was fun having time with just me and the girls, I enjoyed it. The boys went and had their own lunch and did their own thing.
Keira had to tell EVERY princess all about the Tower of Terror. This ride takes you up in an elevator and drops you. You would think the drop is what she is talking about, oh no that doesn't even phase her, no she is talking about the story they tell you on the ride, something about it being haunted. So every princess got this story.
Later that evening, we were looking at this thing for face painting, Nyah, had wanted her face painted this whole time, but me being the mean mom that I am wouldn't go for it. She really lucked out though cause, the guy in charge of the booth asked us if we would be interested in a free demonstration. So Nyah got her face painted, the only catch was he got to choose the design, which was fine with us. She got to choose the color it was though.

This just cracks me up, only Keira.
That night we went to the new show they have called "World of Color" it is AMAZING! I really enjoyed it, they have all these fountains with different colors, then they have different clips from Disney movies come on across this screen made of water spraying up, it was really neat.
This would be our last day at Disneyland. We decided to spend it going on rides we may have missed, or rides we wanted to catch again. First we went to Toon Town, we got to inside different characters houses. First was Minnies house. Keira wanted to pretend to sleep here.
We got to go through Chip and Dales Treehouse.
Last, we told the kids they could choose a souvenir they wanted. So, we go to Disneyland, they have been here for a week, seeing all the things that they have at the different stores and what do my kids choose. . .um ya Build-A-Bear, seriously!?
Keira got a dinosaur (shockingly random go figure), Jayda got a Teddy Bear, Nyah got a Dog, and we picked out a Monkey for Connor. My only stipulation was, since we were at Disneyland, they had to put something Disney on their animal.
Connor just wanted to EAT his

This is the finished products, we have; Jack Sparrow the Monkey, Eeyore the dinosaur, Flying Girl the bear, and Kaite the dog. My favorite is Jayda's name for hers, but oh my gosh the dinosaur in the Eeyore costume cracks me up EVERY time ha ha. Keira never disappoints us when picking out the weirdest looking thing she can find. Nyah's has roller skates so she can actually pull it around, which is funny. As you can see they have something Disney on them.One of the other things we got were these name things. We already had some for Nyah and Keira, so now we have them for all of the kids. They have TONS of sparkles on them which you can't see in a photo. I really liked how they turned out.

I love all the stuff they have in Connors, they even have Jack Sparrow.

Well, all in all we had another fun filled vacation to Disneyland. We LOVE that place, it's so much fun. It's sad to think that one day the kids will be to old to want to go, I figure if I am going to live vicariously through my kids with Disneyland, I better get all the fun in when they are young and like going there.

Well another one bites the dust, it will be about two years before our next Disney vacation, but I am already thinking about when and what we will do. . .

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