Saturday, January 1, 2011

3 Months In The Land of Runia

So, what have the Runia's been up to for the past 3 months? LOTS of stuff, it's been a lot of fun and craziness, but thats just that way we like it. So what is packed into 3 months of craziness?. .
Going to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkins! But first stopping to pose for a picture for mommy.Having crazy hair days at school! (Keira had her eyes closed in EVERY picture that day, don't know why, probably the flash ha ha).
Getting dressed up as a Vampire, Dorfey (aka Dorothy), Me Mouth (aka Minnie Mouse) and a Monkey to go Trick-or-Treating and getting LOTS of candy!
Loosing her first tooth!
Having her first official "report" at school!
Going to Disneyland with the whole Runia clan (Jared's whole family) and watching Connor take a big ol' bite out of Pluto's nose!
Everyone else seeing Pluto!

Seeing all the Disney holiday decor'!
Having the whole Runia clan at the beach (well, minus Ry & Kell)
Getting to see Santa in our pajamas!
Getting Connor's first haircut!
Seeing how he looks like a big boy with his haircut!
Having Daddy and Grandpa way to excited for a boy to help them cheer for BYU!
Opening Christmas Eve pajamas!
Having Santa visit us!
Getting what we asked for!
Seeing lots of fun lights and colors!
Getting more huge and weird looking stuffed animals!

Crawling around the big mess with LOTS to see and chew on!
Getting what we asked for the most this Christmas!
Getting a surprise on Christmas morning! (Yes we got her a cell phone, but since we don't have a land line we figured it would be good for safety reasons, but the good thing for us, is she has to pay for it herself, it's $10/month and she has to do extra chores around the house to earn a dollar here and there and then she has to give us the $10 for her bill at the end of the month, if she doesn't want to do extra chores, she doesn't have to, she doesn't get her phone that month either. We are trying to teach her about money.)
Getting lots of fun new things for Christmas!
Seeing the disaster zone our living room turned into Christmas morning!
And now, having it all over after a good time with friends to bring in the new year. Now the Christmas decorations are packed and put away, the new toys have found new homes in our toy room and all is getting settled for the new year of 2011. Lets hope this year is just as fun as the rest have been for us, with ups and downs, vacations, staying home days, busy days, and lazy days. Either way we are ready for more fun!

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Lisa and Jacob said...

How fun to catch up with you! You've been busy! and your little guy is growing up - what a cutie he is!!

We thought about getting another cell phone as a "family phone" for our kids (since we don't have a land line either)... how are you liking it?