Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Girl vs The Boy

I have always lived in the land of PINK.  My life has always been girls, GIRLS, girls!  Now after 3 girls, we finally got our BOY It seemed like the moment he was born.  People were constantly asking.  Do you notice a difference?  Now when he was a newborn, the only difference was the diaper changes.  But as far as TEMPERAMENT.  They have all been the same.  They eat, sleep and poop.  As he started getting older.  I started NOTICING the differences. . .
Girls:  They are emotional.  They cry very easily.  The tend to whine.  They scream.  I always have said I will be deaf at a young age.  After 3 SCREAMING girls.  It’s no wonder.  If you are stern with them.  They will CRY.  When girls fight amongst each other.  They can get down right mean with the NAME calling.  The infamous line of “your not my FRIEND anymore!”  It’s devastating for a girl to hear that from her SISTER or a friend.  With girls, it’s more about MIND games.  They are just emotionally EXHAUSTING.  On the flip side of this coin.  They are so CUDDLY.  They will sit and let me READ to them for hours.  They will spontaneously tell me “I LOVE you mommy.”  Or.    My favorite “mommy, you’re CUTE.”  They like to dress up.  They LOVE to pretend to be little mommies.  They love to TWIRL and DANCE around.  I know if it’s QUITE in the house with the girls.  It’s usually because they are entertained by something that is quiet.  I will find them COLORING.  Reading a story.  Playing HOUSE.  Or other quiet things.  They are so FUN to shop for.  I love buying girls clothes.  There is so many ACCESSORIES. So many fun COLORS.  Hair things, SHOES, tights, COLORED SOCKS, belts, JACKETS, etc.  They love just SPENDING time with me, just hanging out.  Going shopping.  They are pretty SWEET most of the time.

Boys:  They are destructive.  They are aggressive.  They keep you BUSY.  They are always getting HURT.  They get into THINGS all the time.  They never seem to STOP from sun up to sun down.  They CLIMB everything.  They tend to not realize their own STRENGTH.  You find yourself constantly saying the word “NO.”  “No, don’t touch that, no put that down, no don’t hit, no don’t WRESTLE, no don’t stick that in the OUTLET, no get down from there, no you are gonna get HURT if you do that, etc.  On the flip side of THEIR coin.  They are CONTENT.  They are typically pretty EASY going.  They are fairly HAPPY.  When they want to CUDDLE it means the world to you.  Everything can be a WEAPON.  They can make a TOY out of everything.  They KNOW what they want and go for it.  They are so EASY to get ready in the morning.  They don’t care what they LOOK like.  They don’t care what gets DONE to their hair.  Picking out clothes is so EASY.  Just grab jeans and a t-shirt and they are SETSHOES are optional.  They don’t get SCARED as easily.  They like to figure out how things WORK.  They are independent.  They make sound EFFECTS.  They are TOUGH.  They are pretty low MAINTENANCE.  

My conclusion is, that basically girls, are EMOTIONALLY exhausting and boys, are PHYSICALLY exhausting.  This probably doesn’t apply to every child of course.  I have SEEN pretty emotional boys and I have seen some pretty ACTIVE girls.  But in general this is the CONCLUSION for my kids.  I have seen people prefer one OVER the other.  As for me, there is some pretty FUN things about girls that I love.  There is some pretty AWESOME things about boys that I LOVE.  There is also things about girls that DRIVE me crazy and there is things about boys that make ME want to pull my hair out.  I don’t really have a preference.  I just love watching them GROW and learn new things.  Watching their eyes LIGHT up at certain moments.  Making memories as they get older.  
It’s like that old saying “Life is not measured by the BREATHS you take but by the moments that take your BREATH away.”

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