Friday, September 30, 2011


Well, it's official. She is turning into a LITTLE girl. How did this happen. Her HAIR all of the sudden grew long. Her face started changing. That transformation from being a TODDLER to a little GIRL. Maybe it's harder because she is my YOUNGEST daughter. What can I say about her really. She is so HAPPY all the time. I think she goes through life like it's fun GAME to her. She is always GIGGLING. She loves to TEASE.
Some of her favorites include: CoLoRiNg, DrEsSiNg Up, playing with her PrInCeSs', watching MiCkEy MoUsE, SiNgInG, ReAdInG StOrIeS with mom, playing with FrIeNdS, going to GrAnDmA's, and of course going to PrEsChOoL!

This year since she was turning an even number "4" she got to have a party with her FRIENDS. This just so happened to be her FIRST friend party ever. It turned out pretty good. We invited 7 of her friends, so there would be 8 kids there total. She wanted a RAPUNZEL party. I got CREATIVE and made some Pascal cupcakes, I liked how they turned out. We played some fun GAMES and even got to make Pascal party BLOWERS. We played toss the bean bags in the frying pans. We played pin the "frying pan" on FLYNN RYDER. Last but not least we played find the CROWN. Keira decided she wanted to be MAXIMUS so she got in her HORSE costume for the party. That kid! Always entertaining with her around. Her party turned out pretty good and we had a lot of FUN. I guess that is all that MATTERS.

Her "friend" party was on Saturday so on her ACTUAL birthday we had a little family gathering for her. We got more CAKE and ice cream. More PRESENTS! More FUN! The only down side was she started getting SICK. She started running a fever that night. She was sick the rest of the next day. She is BETTER now. I felt so bad for her. Nobody should be sick on their BIRTHDAY or on Christmas or Halloween either. Lets just make a rule no getting sick on any of the HOLIDAYS! She got a lot of fun NEW toys, clothes, books, coloring books, etc. I like to think she had a GOOD time.
This is her in one of her NEW birthday outfits. I think she LIKES it. What do you think? She LOVES dresses and would wear them EVERYDAY if possible. She has a quite a few in her wardrobe. It's been a WONDERFUL 4 years with this little GIRL. We love this little STINK! Our little "Shay-Shay"
HaPpY BiRtHdAy JaYdA!
We LoVe YoU!!!!!

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The "O" Clan said...

I can't believe she is 4! Looks like it was a fun party! You're always so creative, Jessie! Miss ya!