Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Digital World

We live in a digital world now.  It really is a bittersweet thing for me.  On one hand.  I love how technology has come such a long way and the conveniences it offers to me.  I can send a letter to a friend within seconds.  If one of the kids has a report at school, I have loads of information I can find with a few clicks of a mouse.  You can look up an address and get directions just that fast There are so many things you can do with all these electronic gadgets out there.  On the flip side.  It has created somewhat lazy and unimaginative kids.  That sounds a bit harsh, I know.  Between, DS’s, I-Pods, Netflix, video gaming, cable, and many more.  Kids in todays time, tend to just want to sit and either watch or play with this digital world.  At the daycare we will send the kids outside to play and within 15 short minutes, they get bored and want to come back inside.  I remember as a kid, I practically lived outside.  We would play outside, using simply our imaginations for HOURS!  We would get plenty of physical activity, running around, or riding our bikes.

This is why, when I see things like this, it makes my heart happy.  They are playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” with some of Keira’s stuffed animals (notice I said some, not all).  I love it, when they are content playing something like this, no electronic devices needed.  We have recently started having “no electronic days.”  This means we have to go the whole day without watching TV, playing any video games, getting on the computer, etc.  My kids at first thought of it as punishment, but by the end of the day, they were having so much fun, I don’t think they even thought about all the electronics.
We need to go back to the days when there was old fashioned fun to be had.

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The Mrs. said...

I love this! I'm sure your kids are going to love it too! You're an awesome Mom!