Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Cruise!

We got the opportunity to go on a cruise with our best friends.  We have been planning this for the past two years.  It’s been a long time coming.  None of us have ever been on a cruise before, so this was all new for us.  The ship was amazing!  It had 11 floors in it!  There was TONS of food everywhere, three swimming pools, multiple hot tubs, a gym, shopping places, a theatre, a mini golf place, a water slide, a comedy club, a casino, etc.  It was like a floating resort!  The staff was awesome!  They were so nice and kind to us, treating us like we were all celebrities or something.

Our first stop was in Cabo San Lucas.  The water there was breathtaking!  We got to hang out at the beach all we wanted, did some souvenir shopping at the flee markets, where we are still laughing at some of the catch phrases these people have learned to try to get you to buy something from them.  We got to spend 2 days here.  On the second day we rented kayaks and made our way across the bay in them over to “Lovers Beach.”  While there, if you cross over to the other side, it is called “Divorce Beach” we thought that was pretty funny.  The waves on divorce beach where HUGE.  There was all kinds of signs posted to not get in the water on that side because of the waves.  On Lovers Beach, it was very calm and nice, so we did plenty of playing in the water on that side.  We got to go to this restaurant called “The Office,” it was so yummy!  Nothing like having authentic mexican food!

Did I mention that we ate A LOT!  There was so much food available to us everywhere, even through room service and it was all included.  Every night at dinner we all would choose like 2-3 appetizers each, 1-2 dinners each, and 1-2 desserts each!  After all was said and done I thought I would have gained at least 10 pounds!  But, luckily it was only 2!  We did do a lot of walking around on and off the ship, so maybe we worked some of it off or something.  We would even try the food that we would normally not dare eat, like alligator, shark, snails, etc.  But, after I ate the shark (so disgusting) my trying new things was over, I didn’t want to try any other weird food, but Jared and Gus sure did.  Now, it’s hard getting back into the swing of things, knowing, that my food won’t just be prepared for me whenever I want it and that I can’t just eat as much as I want!

Our next stop was in Puerto Vallarta.  We had an excursion planned for here.  We were going to go on the zip line Can I just say FREAKN’ AWESOME!  I was really scared at first because I am deathly afraid of heights, not to mention that I hate that feeling you get in your stomach when you are free falling.  I didn’t know how fast it was going to be and if your stomach would jump or not.  So going into this, I was very nervous!  But after the first one even I knew I would be fine.  When we first got there they have you get your gear and then sit there to listen to them tell you how it all works and what not.  The group of guys taking us were hilarious!  We were laughing non stop and some of their comments.  So, it wasn’t even just the zip lines but the guides that made this experience so awesome!  The zip lining was so cool to, it was beautiful there and you could see so much and you where up really high.  There was some of the times that they would jump on behind you and spin you around or help you go upside down, which was cool.  They were just fun and joking around with us the whole time.  There was one, that they called Jack Sparrow, that would scare me on purpose!  I would be getting all hooked up to go and he would jump on behind me (without me knowing mind you) and then catch up to me, grab my hands off the handles, while yelling.  Yes, I jumped and screamed.  I am glad we could amuse them for the day ha ha!  So, if you are going to be visiting Puerto Vallarta you have to go Zip Lining and you HAVE to use these guys at Los Veranos Canopy Tour!

After we went zip lining we got to hang out there for a little while.  They have these super cute little monkeys and then they had these nasty bugs!  A Tarantula, a scorpion, and some other creepy bug.  The guys held the scorpion.  Becky and I wanted no part in that!

After all this, we took a walk along the board walk and went to their flee market.  It was so much fun and it was so pretty.  Although, I have to say their taxi drivers there are CRAZY!  There was one that was weaving in and out of traffic, oh and should I mention he was high!  The second we got in his cab we were rolling down the windows, so we could breath.  Becky and I thought we may just die that night!

After Puerto, we were back on the cruise ship for the long trip back to Long Beach.  But since there was so much to do on the cruise ship, it was just a lot of fun to be had.  When we first got there, they told us just to leave our plates, cups, and whatever we used wherever we wanted and they would take care of it.  It was kind of weird getting used to that, but by the end, we were leaving stuff everywhere.  We decided to take pictures of stuff being left out that we would see along the way.  They were pretty fast and coming and clearing out of the way though.

One of the days coming back, Jared and I got to be in one of there game shows they do.  It was called The Ultimate Couple Challenge.  They made the guys get up on stage and do all sorts of ridiculous and embarrassing things.  Such as, acting like Tarzan, walking the cat walk, shaking there rear, and other such things.  In the end we came in 2nd and they loaded us up with all kinds of prizes, which was cool.  If any of you have have been on a cruise, you know that they turn down your bed each night for you and leave a towel animal.  It was fun seeing all the different towel animals they left.  They were super fast to, we would be gone like 5 minutes, come back and it was there, it was so crazy.  We also had the funniest waiter ever!  His name was Sinet and we could only understand part of what came out of his mouth, but what did come out was so funny and SO RANDOM!  One night Jared ordered the duck for dinner and when he gave it to Jared he said “here your duck go quack, quack.”  Now picture that with a very strong asian accent ha ha.  One night he had us all get up and dance.  We loved it!

So, of course it went by so fast for us!  We had so much fun!  We definitely will be doing it again!

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