Thursday, July 5, 2012

Camping Family Reunion

We went camping in southern Utah.
It was a big family reunion with Jared's family.
We had a lot of fun.
It was cold at night though.
Hot during the day.
Other then temperatures not being what we liked.
It was a pretty good time.

We did have a few mishaps.
Mishap #1 taking 5 hours to get there!
It is only supposed to take 2 hours.
Don't always trust your GPS on your smart phone.
I don't take the blame for this one though.
I printed off a map on how to get there.
If we followed the map.
We would have drove right to it.
Instead we followed a brother in law (who shall remain nameless).
He was following his "smartphone."
Wasn't so smart on that one was it.

Mishap #2 we had NO pump for our air mattress.
Our solution:  my poor husband.
He blew up, not 1 but 2!
He was so lightheaded after that.
I can't imagine why.

Mishap #3 Keira freaking out about where Bella was at night.
We brought Bella with us.
We figured she could sleep in the tent.
With us.
Everything was fine.
Until 3 AM
We hear "dad, I need to go to the bathroom."
After that , Bella got out of Keira's "bed"
Keira was NOT happy.
She wouldn't settle down about it.
The dog would NOT stay in Keira's "bed"
End result was me yelling at Keira.
I told her I would send Bella outside with the bears.
I told her I didn't want to hear another sound.
Every time I heard her.
I said "is that a sound I hear."
She stopped pretty quick after that.
We were pretty tired the next day.
Almost everyone in camp heard all the commotion.

We only got pictures of the one mishap.
We have our memories for the others.

We had 4-wheelers.
Connor's favorite!  
He didn't want to get off them.
Big surprise!

The kids had so much fun playing with cousins.
Nyah even got to play with cousins that we never get to see.
The distant ones.
Jared's cousins kids.
She had a lot of fun.
I was glad to have kids her age to play with for her.

They had fun games planned for us.
It was very entertaining watching these games.
They even got Keira playing.
That surprised me, that she willingly participated.
She didn't throw a fit about it either.

There was a small pond nearby.
The kids kept catching frogs.
They had  so much fun doing it.

This boy, had little sleep at night.
We all did ha ha.
He didn't have a nap either.
He would NOT stop going.
He was SO tired!
This picture, you can see it in his eyes.

We went to see the kids at the pond.
This is how we found Jayda
Sitting in the pond.
I loved it.
There is just something about
seeing my kids explore
get down and dirty
just to play!
I love watching them.
Even if it means her being really wet.
and dirty.

The older cousins, found a way to make face paint.
Nyah was all over that idea.

Playing with more frogs.
Connor seeing,
and touching it.
Nyah's face cracks me up.

The VERY tired boys!

Look at this kid!
Look down.
at her shoes.
or, lack of them.
She didn't want her shoes on.
They were bugging her.
she walked everywhere
Like it was no big deal.
funny girl.

Poor dog!
She got tortured.
ALL weekend.
Of course,
it was all my kids.
doing the torturing.

These 2 were just laughing
and giggling
all through dinner.
It was fun to see them have fun together.

This is how we strap a 2 year old down.
He won't stop to eat if we don't.
He is so busy. 

This kid got SO dirty!!

This was our view.
On the way home.
So many fires this year.
It's scary.
and sad.

Much needed sleep!  
He was gone within 5 minutes.
You can see Jayda behind him 
sleeping away.
We were all so tired!

Gotta love summer fun.
Getting dirty.
Getting wet.
Seeing family.
Enjoying the sun.
Love summer time!

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