Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!!!!

We got to get our pictures taken with the annual new Christmas clothes on!  They love getting new clothes (well the girl's do anyway, Connor couldn't care less).  I loved all their outfits this year, they turned out so cute!!

 Every year on Christmas eve we get together with a bunch of my friends and the kids all get to decorate cookies for themselves and for Santa.  We also make "reindeer food" that we sprinkle on the lawn every year for the reindeer to have.  It's a great tradition and we love it!

We went to our Ward Christmas Breakfast and Santa came with Mrs. Claus.  The kids were so excited to see Santa!  Jayda couldn't stop hugging them both.  I wondered how Connor would be because he is at that age, where kids are typically weary or scared of Santa.  Well, not him apparently.  Santa came in and he was up on a stage and Connor goes running over to him and holds his hands up to be picked up.  So Santa, reached down and picked him up off the floor and up onto the stage and Connor was a happy camper, it was so cute!!

We spent Christmas eve with my fam.  We all opened up our Christmas eve pj's.  Even Jared got some and we even got him to wear them, ha ha!  Jayda was sad, that I apparently didn't know to get her "footie" pj's, but she does like hers.  I just figured she would like a nightgown because she LOVES dresses and wants to wear them every day.  Funny kid!  We had fun hanging out with my fam, we watched "It's a Wonderful Life" (which I had never seen before, it was AWESOME)!!  We ate Christmas dinner, then we did a Twas the Night Before Christmas mad lib, which had us rolling with laughter.

Well, Santa made it all the way to our house and he did NOT disappoint!  The kids got lots of new, fun things.  All there things this year from Santa were rather large though, it was hard fitting them all into our cozy front room.  We may have to move the big Christmas "shin dig" down stairs in the family room for next year.  Connor had fun "helping" his daddy put some of the toys together, he went and got his own little toy drill, it was so cute!  I believe they got everything they wanted and then some, it was a great day!

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