Friday, March 7, 2008

Here We Go

So thanks to some friends I decided to try this out. I hear it can be addicting. I have enjoyed reading everyone else's. Hopefully you will all enjoy our boring day to day life. The life of a princess, a diva, and an angel. Well, lets be honest it's a lot of screaming, I will go deaf at an early age I swear. It is lots of fun to go shopping (by myself lol), I love to go straight to the girls section and start browsing. So any of you who where wondering our princess is Nyah, she is a new princess each year, ya a whole year she devotes to whatever princess she chooses of course it has to be Disney, we are currently in a transition, cause you see last year it was "Sleeping Beauty", then the year before that she was "Belle" so this year I think she is still deciding, she mentioned something about Jasmine but we shall see. Now the diva would be Keira she has got the diva act down pat. She is so unpredictable we honestly never know what her reaction is going to be to anything she always surprises us. For her first dance recital she refused to dance with the group, she sat on grandma's lap, I just took pictures of the other girls dancing because I am so documenting these diva fits so she knows when she is older that she is a diva. I won't even mention the whole potty training ordeal that is a whole post by itself. Now of course that would leave the angel to Jayda. She is probably our sweetest baby, she LOVES to be held and cuddled and talked to. She is a little picky about who holds her and is totally a mommy's girl. I love to hold her and just enjoy her, I love the baby smell I missed that smell. So that is our little world full of pink, princess', frills, and shrills.


The Zamora Family said...

Yay! You started a blog! This will be fun. I love to look at pictures, so post lots of them!!

John & Nichole said...

Uh oh it is so ADDICITNG! Beware! I am excited that you are a blogger! Yeaaaa! I will keep checking in on you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world. It is very addicting. I love it! How are you guys doing? Are you still in Draper?