Sunday, March 23, 2008


We had a wonderful easter! We got to color easter eggs,
We had an easter egg hunt which they thought was great.
They easter bunny showed up,
and mom attempted photography and took TONS of pictures of the girls in their new easter dresses that grandma got for them, here was a few of my favorites pictures I took but of course there was tons more.

Keira (the hardest one to get pictures of at the moment)
& Nyah our little poser who loves getting pictures taken, we have others of her looking at the camera and smiling, I just liked this one a lot. Now I just need to do some editing on my computer.
So our easter was fun the easter bunny brought the Nyah and Keira each a kite and a jump rope and then Jayda got some teething rings and binkies and they all got the movie "Enchanted" then of course there is the candy, except Jayda who got fruits and veggies and juice, (she is almost 6 months so here come the solids). They loved it and Nyah told us that the she thought the easter bunny was "quite tricky" I don't know exactly what she was referring to but it was funny. Keira is the funniest at attempting to jump rope, she just flips the rope up and down while jumping up and down it is so funny. Jayda tried eating her easter basket of course. We ate easter dinner at my parents tonight with turkey and potatoes, a salad and some yummy bread and a pink cake for dessert which was pretty good. So, I hope everyone had a wonderful easter.


Shanny said...

The pictures and their dresses are DARLING!

The Zamora Family said...

Ok, so I caught up on your blog. Too cute. Your girls are so beautiful. How is Keira's potty training coming? Now that I am back we need to get K and K together again!!! BTW, facebook now, huh? LOL!!!!

Jess & Jer said...

So Keira's potty training is non existant, I told Shannon that we should start a diapers anonymous group for our little stubborn anti-potty training kids. We totally should get the girls together again Keira loved going to your house. I know I can't keep up with all the things I have online anymore, it's crazy.

Anonymous said...

So fun! I use Photoshop (in anwer to your question).

John & Nichole said...

Wow you have posted alot sinse my last visit! The potty training story is way too much for me to think about especially sinse I have 2 to do! Ahhh as if 1 isn't hard enough! I love your girls Easter pics...their dresses are so darling! HOw fun. BTW....don't tell my kids you went to D on ice....they would be soooo sad! It looks like your girls had fun though!

Craig & Janalyn said...

Jessi, way cute blog and family!!! I got to your blog from Becca's... hope you don't mind! I just wanted to see what you have been up to! Glad to see you are doing well! Come visit my blog!

Elizabeth said...

I really like your blog! Your girls are adorable! I love their Easter dresses and your "poser" will grow up to be a model, she is so cute. Way to go!