Thursday, September 25, 2008

And We Are Off. . .& a bit of randomness

We are going to Disneyland!! We are soo excited it's not even funny. The girls have no idea we are going. We are leaving tomorrow right after Nyah gets out of school. Our plan is to have the car packed and ready to go and then we will go pick Nyah up from school (she gets out at 1:20, since Friday's are early days) and just start driving and see how long it takes her to ask where we are going, ha ha. We will drive to Las Vegas on Friday, to stay with Jared's brother and then we have to stop at the Mr. Olympia fitness expo on Saturday (I like to call it Jared's trick-or-treating). Then we will relax for a few days and on Monday we will head out to L.A. Then it will be Disneyland Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, then late Thursday night we will drive back to Vegas and then head home either Friday or Saturday. So we will be back next week with lots of fun pictures to share. Okay so I had to add these few pictures, Nyah lost her first tooth. She was so excited, she went to bed that night so good worried that the tooth fairy would miss our house if she didn't, it was quite funny. It's been loose for several weeks now, but then on Sunday at my in-laws she was eating corn on the cob and it started bleeding and she insisted on getting what she calls a two-shoe aka a tissue, to pull it. She started shouting and jumping "it's coming out, it's coming out!" It was so funny. The "tooth fairy" left her a gold dollar, with fairy dust left on her pillow, she was thrilled with that.
This is how we found Keira sleeping the other night. It's part of a skunk costume that she insists on wearing all the time. The funny thing is, it's for a baby (3-6 months) is in fact the size, so how she manages to fit herself into it is beyond me, but she does and then she walks around saying "look, I stink" it is soo funny. So lately she just wants to wear the hat that goes with it, apparently she also wants to sleep with it on too.
Okay so we will see you later. First I will be posting a thing for Jayda's birthday though.


Shamae said...

Well have a great time!! Funny thing is we are going to Disneyland next week! Small world huh!! Have a great time!

Challey said...

Have so much fun! I think that is so cute that you are surprising your girls. I love Disneyland. Stratton and Paris still talk about our trip in February. They can't wait to go back.

Lost in a Secret Garden said...

Very very cute Jess. Zachary got all concerned the other day cause he was eating Rocky Road ice cream and mistook a tooth for a nut and swallowed it. He didn't think the toothfairy would come if he swallowed his tooth. So we wrote a small note for her explaining what had happened. :)

Have a great time on your mini-vacation. I want to go to Disneyland SOOO badly. I want to do the trick-or-treating thing they have going on this coming month at California Disney, but we can't swing it this year. Oh guys have a blast though!