Saturday, October 16, 2010


So, Jayda's birthday was on September 28th and I am just now posting picts, sad I know. We love this girl, she is so funny and has such a fun personality!

She is a HUGE tease and can tease anyone kids, adults, animals, she just has a knack for it, which is scary for us. (Like father like daughter, I guess). Just the other day, Jared was out at the BBQ for dinner, I was feeding Connor and I hear Jared trying to come in but the sliding door was locked. I get up to open it and he gave me a look like he was not amused with my humor. I told him "I didn't do it." Next, we hear giggling coming from behind us, we look and there is Jayda, laughing and saying "I locked Daddy out ha ha." She is so funny!

She is usually pretty happy and can wrap anyone around her little finger, she knows how to work it with those big blue eyes, she can make crocodile tears come out at the drop of a hat and it makes you feel so bad for her that you will do anything she wants.

She is a princess through and through, she LOVES to dress up all the time, she also LOVES jewelry, shoes, hats, and clothes. We are in trouble when this one gets older, she already loves these things now. Oh the personality!!!! For her birthday, I took her to Build-A-Bear to pick out her own bear. She LOVED it. Of course she chose a pink bear with a pink dress, some pink sunglasses and pink crown for it. I am not sure, but pink may be her favorite color ha ha.
She wanted a "Bufly" party and was VERY excited about all the "Bufly's" This is her cake with "Bufly's"
This is the decor.
She looks a little bit excited, don't you think?
Cake time!

Eating cake with best friend, Ty Ty
She really got into opening presents this time. It was fun, cause this is the first time she has really been into opening presents.
She had some of the cutest reactions!
Oh so excited!!!
Of course a Minnie Mouse dress. She loves dresses and she loves Mickey and Minnie mouse, you can't get any better then that!

I think she had a good birthday, we had a good time watching her reaction to everything. Happy Birthday Shay Shay, we love you!!!!!!!!

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