Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Days of School!

Nyah and Keira both started school this year. Nyah started on the 18th and Keira started on the 25th. They both love it so far.

Nyah is loving her teacher and she loves that she gets to do science this year and has already done some experiments. She was very excited about her car pool name she chose this year. She chose "Wizards of Waverly Place." They have a car pool and they each get to pick the name of their car pool, when we get to the school as we drive in, their car pool name is called into the office via walkie talkie and they announce it in the school, so she knows her car is here to pick her up and she can go outside now. This really cuts down on the chaos that there usually is when picking kids up from school. With school came a new haircut. Nyah doesn't ever keep hair things in her hair and she is getting old enough to have more of a style then hair do's each day. So we got this idea from her favorite celebrity, Selena Gomez. She has really liked it and it works cause it will work with hair this length or when her hair gets longer seeing as she wants to grow it out.

Keira started Kindergarten and she LOVES it. On her first day, I walked her to class and she literally ran in. I didn't get a hug, not even a "good bye." She loves her teacher "Mr. Matt" and she always wants to go. I had to convince her that it was okay for me to come to her class and volunteer cause otherwise she wouldn't want me there. It will definitely be an interesting year with this one, seeing as she gets very distracted! While at her class today, I watched her and I noticed that she gets the most distracted when they are sitting and getting some type of a lesson with less interaction, then she is moving around, fidgeting, playing with things around her, etc. Luckily, in Kindergarten they are constantly moving from one activity to another so hopefully it will go well. Tomorrow she has P.E. though and if any of you heard about the soccer issue know that her P.E. teacher is in for her money. We will see, I am just glad she likes it and has a good time.
Of course we had to have a "Hello Kitty" back pack!

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Lisa and Jacob said...

hahaha, Sydnee is obsessed with Wizards of Waverly Place too!