Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh What Do You Do In The Summer Time. . .

When all the World is Green,
Do You Have a Big Fight,
(We had our first set of staples, when Keira pushed Nyah off the bed.
Poor Connor, had to endure Jayda dragging him up the steps out back.)

Do you Light up the Night,
With Family and Fireworks,
 Is that what you do, so do I
(Great 4th of July, with a yummy BBQ and of course fireworks! There was also plenty of family and friends to help us celebrate. Jayda thought she needed to watch from inside the house, so Uncle Blake, and Uncle Cameron decided to join her. Connor thought it was great and kept pointing at all the fireworks).

Do you go to Cherry Hill
(Cherry Hill was a lot of fun as usual. My entire family was there so that was awesome! We had a few mishaps, Keira kicked Nyah in the face by accident and she got an awesome bloody nose. Poor Jayda tripped and the flat services at least 6-8 times and that is NOT an exaggeration! One of the times, she was crying and said "Why do dese fings always happen to me!" It was quite sad. Other then that it was a blast. Don't even ask what Keira's obsession with all the tubes but she LOVED them)!

Or, Bear Lake for a Thrill,
With a Boat, Smores, and a Fire
Is that what you do, so do I

We went to Bear Lake with Jared's entire family! We stayed in a cabin, had lots of yummy
food and went boating ALL DAY! All Connor wanted to do is drive the boat!

Do you have a Big Birthday, 
Keira turned 7 in August. She wanted a "Tweety" cake so that is what she got! Jayda decided ice cream is something to be eaten with your hands! I bet you will never guess what kind of presents she wanted. . . give up. . .oh ya TONS of stuffed animals. I think the count is now up to 56!  After she opened them all she layed on them all and just sat a played with them.

Or, sit down to play,
and Make Silly Faces all Day,
Is that what you do, so do I!
(Okay, so these are just fun random pictures. Keira lost her two front teeth, so we had to document that. Although, the way in which they came out was a post all by itself! I will be VERY happy when she is done loosing her teeth! The one of Connor is him falling asleep at lunch time and I thought it was supper cute, so it's time to take a pic! Now, the one in the middle ha ha! Keira was asking for something and she can get VERY animated when she is like that. It went something like this: "Mom, I want those flat red monkeys {as she claps her hands together, to demonstrate flat} that are in da barrel {as she bends her wrists in front of her} dat wook like dis!" The picture is what they look like! If you can get it, she wants. . .a "Barrel of Monkeys" Oh, this kid, definitely never a dull moment!

We had a great summer and I hope you all did to!

Oh, what do you do in the Summer Time when all the World is Green !

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The ZamFam said...

Wow. I think we experienced the exact same summer!! (except I went to CA and you went to Bear Lake).What a coincidence! I think I might blog about this on my own blog....and dissect EVERYTHING!! (really is it sad that we were there with you at almost all of these occasions????)