Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We have been BUSY these past couple of weeks.  It’s always like that during HOLIDAYS.  Can’t really complain.  They are always FUN.  I am glad when they are OVER though.

We had “Red Ribbon” week at SCHOOL.  On the last day was CRAZY hair day.  The girls get so excited for that part.  We had MOHAWK Nyah and RAINBOW pony tails Keira.  

One of the kids FAVORITE things in October is to paint the PUMPKINS!  We got to do that.  They all got really into it.  Keira knew exactly what she wanted for her pumpkin weeks before we actually PAINTED them.  It’s a GHOST for anyone that can’t tell.  Nyah just got SILLY with hers.  Probably because the neighbor boy was over, so she had an AUDIENCE.  We all know how Nyah likes to have an audience.  Connor thought this was GREAT.  Although, I haven’t quite figured out if it was the actual PAINTING the pumpkins that he loved or the fact that we STRIPPED him down.  Jayda just had fun with all the different COLORS.  They all had fun though and that is what COUNTS.

My FRIENDS and I had a halloween get together.  We decided that we should dress up like the “PEOPLE OF WALMARTas you can see some of really got into it and the other “party poopers” who shall remain NAMELESS not so much.  I even got Jared to wear some of my pj PANTS, which was great by itself!  It was FUN coming up with COSTUMES for this.  However, while in costume I remember DARTING across our street, HOPING nobody saw me ha ha!

Dressing up for HALLOWEEN has to be one of my favorites!  I didn’t dress up on Halloween, but I did do WITCHES night out and the people of WALMART.  So that should count right?  I love coming up with COSTUMES for the kids.  This year mom was a little MEAN, and I kind of persuaded the kids on what to DRESS UP.  I don’t mind them PICKING their own, I just didn’t want to spend a ton of MONEY this year.  Nyah did CHOOSE her costume.  Keira loves RANDOM costumes, so JoJo worked PERFECT for her.  Jayda loves anything GIRLY so being a FAIRY was easy, and Connor, well he is to SMALL to care what his costume is yet anyway.  So AFTER it all, I only ended up having to buy the FACE PAINT because my BESTEST friend had a bunch of stuff on HAND and we had some stuff as well.  The kids were all HAPPY with their costumes so that was GOOD.   Of course I had to throw in the PICTURE of my brothers costume.  He is always so CREATIVE with his costumes, I LOVE it!  He even did an IMPRESSION for us, it was HILARIOUS! 
Now, HALLOWEEN night, the kids had fun going and getting a bunch of CANDY.  Connor, was so EXHAUSTING!  We brought a WAGON to cart him around in.  Which at first was all he wanted, he didn’t WANT out.  It wasn’t long before he figured out that at each house you got CANDY  Then it was over!  He REFUSED to stay in the wagon.  He didn’t want to be HELD.  If we put him down, he would take OFF  He LOVED every minute of this.  He even started saying his version of TRICK OR TREAT  it sounded more like “dee, dee, dee, dee” it sounded like that is what he was TRYING to say.  It was so CUTE!

KEIRA, what can I say.  I LOVE this kid!  She DECIDED one day, she would make a “Perry the Platypus” COSTUME.  She did not tell us of COURSE.  We were at GRANDMA’S house, when she pulls this BOX out of their garage.  She starts COLORING it.  I remember thinking “why is she coloring a box?”  She got some SCISSORS out and started cutting away, which was quite SCARY at times, I swear she was going to STAB herself with the dang scissors, but she never did.  Then all of the SUDDEN she puts it on and there you go!  She CREATED this with out any help from us!  It was all HER!  From the IDEA of it, to the PUTTING it together.  To be in that CHILD’S head even for an hour.  You NEVER know what she is THINKING

It’s been a BUSY month.  A FUN month, but very busy.  Our being busy is not about to LIGHTEN anytime soon either.  Gotta love the HOLIDAYS!!!!

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