Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell with Jared's family, well all his siblings with their families, and his mom. Okay so basically everyone except his dad, who stayed home cause he had recently had knee surgery. Anyway, we stopped to see Jared's grandma Joy on the way, the kids just love her she is so cute with them and you can tell she really enjoys having them around.Jared and me and his favorite place.So this is our beach and one night this stuff called "Indian Soap" came in and it ate away at our beach causing a drop off that was not there before it was so crazy. Before it came where Jared was standing would have maybe gone up to his knees and now look at it. This is my proof that every time I go to Lake Powell, we get lovely weather.

Nyah while there got to be our brave little girl, she was jumping off of things into the water and going face first off this slide into the water. She had so much fun with her cousins.

Keira and Jayda loved playing with the sand toys we brought

We washed our hair some days, yes it was in lake water but it did feel much better after you did it.

You can see Jared here, but if you look slightly to the left you can barely see Nyah, who climbed up there with the rest of them ready to jump off this and then she got up there and froze. It took nearly 30 minutes to convince her to jump. Eventually she did and after that she was hooked and loved it. I think she has a little of her daddy in her there.

Keira and her cousins, Ethan and Tyson. They had a good time.

They all went hiking up here in that crack in the wall. Nyah was with them and Jared said she wanted to be in front and lead the way and was never scared. You can see her in front as they are coming down now.
Here is my dare devil husband cliff jumping.

Washing Ny's hair

Our lovely family photo, look at Jayda's happy face and Keira's I have no idea what she is doing face. At least Nyah looked.

This is our little "mud flinger" she loved getting shovel fulls of mud and dumping it on this cooler over and over. Of course she got mud everywhere all over herself.
After the cooler she attacked Keira with the mud, who was not pleased with this ha ha, oh Jayda you are your daddy's child through and through always teasing.

Nyah and Addy being pulled by this cool tube, they LOVED it.

Keira just enjoyed many boat rides.

So that is Lake Powell in a nut shell it was so much fun we really had a good time.

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