Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill this year was a blast as always, the kids and a TON of fun with cousins and playing in the water. Here is our dare devil Nyah getting thrown by daddy in the pool. Nyah and Daddy

Our little "Shay Shay", she liked wandering in the water.

Keira and Jamie had a blast playing with all the toys together

Jayda was NOT amused with this slide as you can see.

I LOVE this picture the way she is standing plus the look on her face is just priceless. Also the shoe on her hand is a crack up!

I don't know how they convinced Keira to go down this ride but she did it.

Keira with Grandma
Me and my girls in the lazy river.

Jayda getting caught eating butter, I guess that is my pay back for eating butter when I was a child. uggh it just grosses me out.
Jayda enjoying watermelon, even the rhine.
sitting around chatting and eating.
This is Keira's outfit that she walked all over the place with it on. She is such a crack up.

These things almost make her look cross eyed ha ha.
All I can say is, that poor dog! Look at the look on Jayda's face though, it so reminds me of a facial expression my sister, Heather used to make. Don't you agree, Heather.
Ny, totally fell asleep in the lazy river.

My kids LOVE Cherry Hill and are already talking about when we can go back, or as Keira calls it "shally Hill". We enjoy it every year, our little "Staycation"

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Jared and Heather said...

Yes, I do recall all the faces that I used to make as a kid. :) I tried very hard to stop making those faces when I got to be a teenager and now that I am an adult, I do not make them at all. (Thank Goodness!!!) ;)